Coffee was first planted in Costa Rica in the early 19th century, and was first shipped to Europe in 1843, soon becoming Costa Rica's first major export. Coffee production would remain Costa Rica's principal source of wealth well into the 20th century. Most of the coffee exported was grown around the main centers of population in the Central Plateau and then transported by oxcart to the Pacific port of Puntarenas. Since the main market for the coffee was in Europe, it soon became a high priority to develop a transportation route from the Central Plateau to the Atlantic Ocean. For this purpo...

Traveler Shared

Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve & Wildlife Refuge

"Great spot to see some wildlife and beautiful views but watch out at the beach!"
Oct 2, 2016 by Kelly S
I went with a friend for approx. 5 hours to the park. We went without a guide ($16 usd admission) and explored the trails ourselves. Many people had guides--there are some 'official' guides that... Read More
"Great Wildlife Viewing"
Oct 3, 2016 by BDavis1236
So many animals...squirrel monkeys right over the path. Lots of birds. Animals I'd never even heard of. A guide can help you get your tickets. Outside the entrance is a kitschy beach town area, with... Read More
"Nice, informative tours, but small"
Oct 3, 2016 by Sean K
Visited and took a guided walking tour. It featured a guided nature hike with a spotting scope, along a forest road. Saw howler monkeys, white faced monkeys, tarantula, lizards, spiders. The guide... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

El Avion

"Excellent View, Mediocre Food"
Oct 4, 2016 by Samia N
We decided to try El Avion since we were staying at the Costa Verde hotel. The restaurant itself is great - we loved the ambiance, the waiters/staff, our host, and of course, and stunning and... Read More
"Majestic view "
Oct 2, 2016 by Mark L
Great seafood restaurant. Un paralleled view of Pacific Ocean. English-speaking, courteous staff. I bet no better view on coast Read More
Oct 3, 2016 by BDavis1236
Of course, you can't write about this restaurant without talking about the 300# gorilla - the centerpiece plane, the cargo plane that was used by the Reagan administration to get weapons to the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Playa Manuel Antonio

"The best i have seen in Manuel Antonio"
Oct 4, 2016 by manias507
i was in september during the raining season and this is the best thing i have seen in Manuel Antonio. Even with too much rain i enjoyed the beach of this parc and all the animals i have met. I think... Read More
"Sunny beach, friendly locals"
Oct 3, 2016 by Sean K
Visited during the off season, so your experience may vary during high season. This is a relatively long (1km) beach in a cove. Wide white sand beach that backs onto a small road and walking trail... Read More
"Nice beach"
Oct 4, 2016 by E B
Nice beach, but very touristy. There is also a fairly long walk to get to the beach. You will see monkeys and sloths along the way. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

El Patio de Cafe Milagro - Manuel Antonio

"On the main road located with a nice atmosphere"
Oct 2, 2016 by avocatdorra
Located on the main of Manuel antonio.very nice atmosphere and nice people from all around the world. Good for a drink and not for food. Read More
"Best food of the trip!"
Sep 26, 2016 by Florence M
Came here twice because the food was so delicious. Everything we tried on the menu (fish, steak, calamari) was good and the waiter was so kind! Highly recommend. Read More
"Relaxing dinner"
Oct 4, 2016 by E B
We ate here for dinner during our stay. Great food with relaxed atmosphere out on the patio. The jerk chicken was good as were the fried plantains. Definitely recommend. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

"A unique experience"
Sep 30, 2016 by Sean K
Took a nigh tour. Was about 2 miles from downtown, a quick ride but bumpy dirt roads. The tour was lead by a knowledgable guide. We set off into the night with provided flashlights and, due to the... Read More
"Guided tours are a must!"
Oct 1, 2016 by Arianne G
We took the morning 2 1/2 hour tour with a guide and then did another trail by ourselves in the afternoon. I definitely recommend taking the tour to really enjoy the cloud forest and all it as to... Read More
"Tarzan's Jungle"
Oct 3, 2016 by BDavis1236
Amazing flora and fauna with great wildlife viewing opportunities. We saw a tarantula even before we entered. I am not 100% sure having a guide made that much of a difference, and there are a number... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Cafe Agua Azul

"Good food with friendly service"
Oct 3, 2016 by Pennyrose2016
Here's where you can enjoy Costa Rican food in a relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful view of the sea. The waiters are eager to please you. Be sure to try the plantain tower and the coconut bread... Read More
"Great views"
Oct 5, 2016 by _haimbaugh
You wouldn't know it by looking at the building from the street, but this open air restaurant has an amazing view! Our waiter was extremely friendly and customer service oriented. Good food, a... Read More
"Excellent attention and view"
Oct 5, 2016 by DiMurillo
After a busy day in Manuel Antonio we decided to go to Cafe Agua Azul, it is a small, kind of low profile restaurant, but once you are there you will find beautiful views, excellent attention from... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Tacobar Jaco Beach

"Good food!"
Oct 2, 2016 by xDMaria
Great location! And a big Salatbar.especially burritos are big and tasty. You can choose different variations Read More
"So much fun!"
Oct 1, 2016 by Monica S
We ended up here following a suggestion from Nadine at the Surfer Factory. So thrilled that we took her suggestion. Tacobar is so much fun! The snapper tacos were amazing and fresh. The beer was... Read More
Sep 29, 2016 by Adsettles
Went for the first time tonight and LOVED the tacos. I tried chicken and fish and thought the chicken was the best. I was also in love with the rice that was somehow magically flavored like coconut... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Victoria's Gourmet Italian Restaurant

"Go for dinner and live guitar"
Sep 18, 2016 by EagleRockMike
This restaurant is clearly a labor of love for the owners. It feels fancy but not intimidating. The guitarist playing at dinner was fabulous (I gave a hefty tip and so should you). The Italian food... Read More
"Just Amazing "
Sep 20, 2016 by Kariwalli
Cannot put into words how Amazing our food was here. The original meatballs are out of this world. I don't like spicy so no jalapeños for me but I honestly have to tell you that this is the best... Read More
"Pizza Pizza Pizza & more Pizza"
Sep 27, 2016 by ThePenguinsUSAES
If you looking for a great Pizza Place in Manuel Antonio this is your place. Our pizzas were abundantly covered in topping the crust was tasty and the service was very attentive!!! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sabor Tico

"Great food in good price"
Oct 3, 2016 by מעיין כ
We ordered pork chops and sea food rice with ham and chicken, the dishes came fast, very good size and very tasty. This place is a little more expensive than a tipical soda as you also pay 10% on... Read More
"Delicious "
Sep 30, 2016 by Maddcheff
Wow, what a value! This was some of the best Tico foods I have ever had. We all got platters Full of food for about $8.50 a piece. Such a great and friendly place to spend a meal. Service was... Read More
"Good, convenient local restaurant"
Sep 29, 2016 by Sean K
Nice restaurant. Cool breeze, friendly service, great selection. Prices are more "touristy" than "local'. Definitely recommended as a convenient local restaurant with good food and great service. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Ronny's Place

"Stunning view and excellent food"
Sep 5, 2016 by Janet B
We were taken here by our tour guide to watch the sunset. It was amazing and off the beaten track! The food was superb and not too expensive. The atmosphere was really good; it was busy but the... Read More
"nice view food could be better"
Oct 3, 2016 by manos632003
The view in this restaurant is beautiful but the food was not as expected. The service is ok, the drinks were very special. We have been in other places in Costa rica with good food but as we... Read More
"Food, Service, View - triple plus"
Sep 7, 2016 by John P
We were given the tip that this is the place for a drink and dinner whilst enjoying the sunset. This was exactly the case. Need to get there by Taxi as it is a bit hard to find and off the main road... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

El Wagon

"Really good and good priced!"
Sep 28, 2016 by Cora v
The pizza's are really good. The atmosphere is cozy and the prices are pretty good. Absolutely a nice place to have dinner! Read More
"Nice place"
Oct 9, 2016 by Aviv B
Nice place on the way to the national park, good prices and tasty food, the service is a little slow but we saw monkey while we were there!! Read More
"Great pizza!!"
Oct 6, 2016 by Daine S
Fantastic pizza!! Fantastic cocktails!! Great service and atmosphere. Friendly staff. Great value for money!!! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Falafel Bar

"Cool place with great food!!"
Oct 8, 2016 by Aviv B
Been there just now, it's amazing place, the food is great and really tasty! A lot of place to sit, French fries are really well and the Laban also! Read More
"Favorite Falafels!"
Oct 10, 2016 by Hayley M
This place was great! The food was excellent and the service was very good. The staff gave us some really tasty hot sauces that were some of the best I have ever had. The restaurant was airy and... Read More
"Best food !"
Oct 9, 2016 by Elad Y
Very Tasty!! Great service and atmosphere !! We ordered falafel shawarma and Shnitzel. Delicious and Highly recommended ! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Emilio's Cafe

"Emilio's: a love poem"
Sep 19, 2016 by Emrob2432
Emilio's, Emilio's! Our diamond in the rough. A perfect place to seek a rest when traveling gets tough. The Costa Rican sun is stunning, but draining can it be, stop right in Emilio's for a... Read More
"Great food, great location, great service, AMAZING desserts!"
Oct 5, 2016 by GVI Q
We went eating at Emilio's last month. In one word: great quality of food. We had curry and a couple of desserts. The food was amazing, especially the desserts. No live music that night but that must... Read More
"Wow! Simply wonderful! "
Sep 12, 2016 by Kayla D
Emilio's is just spectacular! A wonderful view of the ocean, wonderful service, and the food is just simply amazing! They have wonderful coffee, amazing desserts, many gluten free options! The curry... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Jaco Beach

"Great town"
Oct 6, 2016 by jaynsuzy
Great restaurants and shops. A lot of hostels and surfers. Cool place near the beach. Crocs was a very beautiful casino. Great people. Read More
"Dirtiest beach of Costa Rica"
Sep 29, 2016 by Mohit S
Let me keep it simple! If you are looking for drugs, prostitution, and dirtiest beach of Costa Rica, this is the right place. But if you are looking for pretty real beaches of Costa Rica, find a... Read More
"Not at all fun"
Oct 5, 2016 by KZinCC
I guess I never reviewed this place. I'll add one now. We stayed in a condo a short block from the south end of the beach. The beach does indeed feel grimy and the locals, Nicas and Gringo were... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Cano Island

"Great boat trip to Cano Island"
Sep 24, 2016 by Barbaix W
I recommend to take a day trip to this island. We saw over 10 whales and several dolphins, did some snorkling and spent a wonderful day Read More
"Fantastic snorkeling "
Oct 1, 2016 by David W
My wife and I are divers, and we used to live in Hawaii. We've also been diving in Fiji, Thailand, and California, so we had high expectations for our kids' first "real" snorkeling trip, and Caño... Read More
"Great Snorkeling"
Sep 20, 2016 by Theresa G
If you are in Drake Bay to see nature, Cano Island offers wonderful snorkeling. We saw a multitude of beautiful fish, sea urchins, sting rays, sea turtles, and a shark. Awesome place! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Tico Pod Art House & Gifts

"Local art."
Oct 13, 2016 by MorkandMindy47
Keeping in mind that Jaco Beach is a tourist town, there are loads of small souvenir shops, all selling the same rubbish! This is a more authentic gift shop where you can find local art with more... Read More
"Local Art and Artesan goods...awesome shop!"
Sep 30, 2016 by MariposaAzul22
I love this shop. They have beautiful jewelry, creative gifts, and tons of local art to buy! Stop by here and say hi to Delphine! Read More
Oct 18, 2016 by Julie G
Love Tico Pod! Mostly local art, gifts, jewelry, and chocolate. It is very hard to leave without getting 'something' ! Owners and staff are helpful and very nice. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Artisans Cooperative Santa Elena and Monteverde

"Lunch at La Cuchara de Abuela"
Jun 26, 2016 by Robert E
My family stopped here after noticing the sign which advertised local traditional food. Being foodies, we had to explore. The restaurant was tucked in the back of CASEM and the first thing we noticed... Read More
"Great lunch at La Cuchara de Abuela"
Aug 29, 2016 by Jsaeh
The owner of the house we stayed at brought us here. And boy were we thankful for it! We had the special root and beef soup, both the cheese and chicken empanadas, and braised beef with home made... Read More
"One of the best"
Jul 25, 2016 by TeaSip
The restaurant at CASEM offers authentic Costa Rican cooking at a good price. The food is reliably delicious served in huge portions. The arroz con pollo is some of the best around. It is not fancy... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Academia de Espanol D'Amore

"Great school"
Dec 6, 2015 by mc275
Studying Spanish in a foreign country was on my bucket list this year. I visited Costa Rica a few years ago and always wanted to return. I’m happy to report that my 3 weeks at Academia D’Amore was a... Read More
"A great school"
Jul 2, 2015 by Francis S
I did this program for a month in the summer of 2015. I had tons of fun at this school and learned a lot. The teachers are really nice and accommodating. They are well qualified and only speak in... Read More
"We are coming back for the 3rd summer in a row."
Jan 15, 2016 by TSager2014
I am a Junior High teacher from Texas bringing students to study at Academia D'Amore escuela for the third year in a row. I am bringing 25 students Junior High students for 2 and 3 weeks again this... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Daystar Center Jaco

"Daystar staff were very helpful."
Oct 13, 2016 by MorkandMindy47
We booked directly through the owner on VRBO for our condo stay at Daystar Bahia Azul, but for any questions, problems with the unit or excursions, we contacted Daystar, the management company. We... Read More
"Best Customer Service in Town!"
Dec 28, 2015 by TravellingPam
Mario helped us with everything from transportation to San Jose to information on tours. He was always willing to help and always had a positive attitude! Read More
"Wonderful Staff"
May 5, 2015 by KSUvet
The staff at Daystar were amazingly friendly and helpful. Made our stay that much better! Helped arrange a tour to Poas Volcano and ride back to San Jose (which was less than the ride we got down) Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Farmers Fair (Ferias del Agricultor)

"Awesome Farmer's Market along the Water in Quepos!"
Jul 1, 2016 by Nic S
Every Friday evening - Saturday morning Quepos holds an awesome market where farmers from all over Costa Rica come to sell their goods. It’s best to get there as early as possible to get the best... Read More
"Fun authentic experience with amazing fresh fare tinting home"
Jul 12, 2016 by Christy6453
What a treat this was! Yes it's small, but there is a lot packed into a small area! Felt incredibly safe and the locals were more than friendly and engaging. I purchased some yellowfin tuna that was... Read More
"The Ceviche Though..."
Sep 19, 2016 by britmorton
The somewhat hidden ceviche selection available from the fresh fish guy was out of this world. I didn't even notice it was available for purchase until a local walked up and bought a few. It's... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


"Excellent smoothies"
Jan 18, 2016 by Krista S
Great smoothies and good service. They are also conveniently quick. There are a lot of healthy and creative combinations. Read More
"So fresh and so clean, clean!"
Dec 24, 2015 by Melanie G
I loved how refreshing their juices were! They have a menu of items to choose from. I also liked how they accepted American dollars (although change is given in Colones). We stopped by for breakfast... Read More
"Great place to stop for fresh fruit and smoothies"
Dec 11, 2015 by brealiving
Excellent selection, freshly made. We had pineapple, fruit salad, and a couple of different smoothies. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Mama Toucan's Natural and Organic Food Store

"Specialty growers store"
Jul 17, 2016 by kleffler
This specialty store offer a lot of item not normally available In the area. Nice to have the option to buy or not. The availability come with a price though. Read More
"It just keeps getting better and better..."
Jun 7, 2016 by Kenlbroz
In June of 2915, Mama Toucans opened a tiny store in Dominical. It was filled with natural and organic products. One year later, the store has relocated just a few doors away in a much larger... Read More
"Guy behind checkout is fantastic."
Sep 12, 2016 by Tuxmiller
Calling all health food nuts, organic food lovers, vegetarians & vegans. This is your place! Surprisingly well-stocked grocery options and a tremendously helpful, friendly local guy who rides his... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Art House

"Souvenir shopping!"
Aug 13, 2016 by Cynthia C
Great art done by a multitude of local artists. Real art, hand made, well crafted.Fantastic place. Did all our souvenir shopping here. Nice stuff. Read More
"Awesome Local Shop"
Aug 25, 2016 by matthewcbayer
The Art House contains artwork from many local artists, most of which would make great souvenirs from your Costa Rica travels. My wife went in not looking to make any large purchases. We purchased a... Read More
"Wonderful Variety Quality Art"
Jul 25, 2016 by Debbie G
Loved walking through the Art House, it was a quick walk from my hotel and on the way into town. This offered quality art and not the typical mass produced souvenirs you would find in the shops in... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Academia Tica Jaco

"Good spanish program on the beach"
Mar 7, 2016 by 738nobodyhome
I stayed for two weeks in Jaco taking spanish and doing stand up paddle board. The spanish classes are very good, I was a complete beginner when I arrived and they only speak spanish to you in... Read More
"Good Spanish Program"
Jan 23, 2015 by gleason64
The "surfing and spanish" combination had me a little worried that the spanish program wouldn't be very serious. After my first day of lessons, my fears were dispelled. Their spanish program es... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Orozco Art Gallery

"La Galería de Orozco"
May 17, 2016 by Flor G
Me encanta ver sus trabajos, de hecho, cuando está trabajando en algo, publica partes de su obra en proceso y eso hace mucho más interesante la espera del resultado, Orozco es un de los pintores... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

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Los Suenos Resort Del Mar 3I

Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Hakuna Matata Drake Bay Hostel

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Los Suenos Resort Del Mar 2D

Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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Ecopacific Lodge Santa Teresa

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Casa Cusinga

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Condominios Guatil

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Luxury Condo Malaga 237

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Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Hotel Termales del Bosque

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Santa Maria Volcano Lodge

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Arenal Bromelias

Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Hostel El Castillo

Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Finca Verde Lodge

Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Hotel Villas de la Colina

Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Hotel Vale's

Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Private Room in Santa Ana Downtown

San Jose, Costa Rica
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Hotel Ringle Resort

San Jose, Costa Rica
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Sports & Tennis Club Hotel

San Jose, Costa Rica
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Aloft San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica
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Torres del Lago Suites and Apartments

San Jose, Costa Rica
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San Jose, Costa Rica
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Casa Cambranes

San Jose, Costa Rica
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Nuevo Hotel Maragato

San Jose, Costa Rica
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Albergue de Montaña Talari

San Jose, Costa Rica
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Los Congos

Limon, Costa Rica
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Cabinas Rana Roja

Limon, Costa Rica
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Casa Miagoa

Limon, Costa Rica
USD 600 up

Cabinas Punta Uva

Limon, Costa Rica
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Cabinas Manzanillo Caribe Sur

Limon, Costa Rica
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The Goddess Garden Eco-Resort

Limon, Costa Rica
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Mawamba Lodge

Limon, Costa Rica
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Aiyana Lodge

Limon, Costa Rica
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Las Mariposas

Limon, Costa Rica
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Wyndham San Jose Herradura

Heredia, Costa Rica
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Gonzalez Zamora Residence

Heredia, Costa Rica
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Mirador Prendas

Heredia, Costa Rica
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Gonzalez Herrera Residence

Heredia, Costa Rica
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Heliconia Island

Heredia, Costa Rica
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Hotel Santa Maria Inn

Heredia, Costa Rica
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Villa Roma

Heredia, Costa Rica
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Peace Lodge

Heredia, Costa Rica
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La Catalina Hotel & Suites

Heredia, Costa Rica
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