Shortly after Portugals 1974 Carnation Revolution, which overthrew the Estado Novo dictatorship, the new government determined it would relinquish all its overseas possessions. In 1976, Lisbon redefined Macau as a "Chinese territory under Portuguese administration" and granted it a large measure of administrative, financial, and economic autonomy. Three years later, Portugal and China agreed to regard Macau as "a Chinese territory under (temporary) Portuguese administration". The Chinese and Portuguese governments commenced negotiations on the question of Macau in June 1986. The two signed ...

Traveler Shared

O SANTOS - Comida Portuguesa Restaurant

"Mom and Pop ..Portuguese Dining"
Oct 1, 2016 by Eric L
In Macao, you can find variety of Portuguese and Macanese food. Being on a special day , the 1st day of October, I felt reminisciently mingling in with a mom and pop Portuguese dining experience... Read More
"Highly recommended "
Sep 23, 2016 by THANICHA C
We spent time in Macau for 2 days and if you are looking for the great Portuguese cuisine. We highly recommended this restaurant!! Read More
"Nice guy, bad food."
Oct 6, 2016 by Laridona
We arrived late at night, it was almost 9:30pm but it was a holiday week in Macau and we called him advising about the time. He served an old and stuck rice, terrible. The codfish was good. If you... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Morton's The Steakhouse

"Nearly perfect"
Sep 20, 2016 by Business_pleasure78
Food and service was great as expected. My wife and I spent one of our evenings dinning at Mortons for our 15th wedding anniversary. Always consistent service and great food. Only negative was the... Read More
"Quantity over Quality- Just OK"
Sep 13, 2016 by Leo R
It's more quantity of food than quality. Upon sitting down, you are given an entire loaf of bread that could feed six people. Yes, you can order a huge steak, a potato the size of a football etc... Read More
"Expensive Steak"
Oct 3, 2016 by Paul351
Visited last weekend after recommendation from hotel. First impressions were good, and the restaurant looked very smart with a good atmosphere. Menu basically consisted of various types of steaks... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Tai Lei Loi Kei

"Pork buns"
Jul 14, 2016 by Tan K
Disappointed that the crispy pork bun only start to serve at 2:00 pm onwards. This should been make known to viewers.. Read More
"Place no longer there!"
Sep 10, 2016 by YYSen
My first tried of pork chop bun when I visited in Macao on 7/9/2016 at Ruins St Pauls. And it's taste horrible! I had very bad impression of "Macao pork chop bun". And I doubt for Tai Lei Loi Kei... Read More
"Horrible food"
Jul 30, 2016 by Bertha Y
Franchise shop was horrible, over price comparing with quality of food. If you really want pork bun, either go to the original shop or somewhere else. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Taipa Houses Museum

"Only the first house is authentic"
Aug 12, 2016 by Robert Y
The entrance ticket offers visitors 3 houses to see, but only the first one is an authentic house with mostly original furniture from the old days. Here you can see the dining and living rooms on the... Read More
"Closed for Renovation"
Aug 27, 2016 by Paul Drinkwater
As of August 25th the museum houses are completely closed for renovation, with all the contents removed and bamboo scaffolding surrounding the outside, so even photos of the exterior of the houses is... Read More
"Great Open Air Museum"
Sep 8, 2016 by ChinmayHota
The sight and exuberance of both the open air museum of houses as well as the Cotai strip are good attractions for discerning tourist to Macau. The museum showcases five residences built in 1921 for... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Old Taipa Tavern (O.T.T)

"Good atmosphere and space"
Sep 17, 2016 by TavaresJorge
Looking like a English bar, well located (Old Taipa) and with a great atmosphere is the perfect place for hang out with the friends and have some drinks before go somewhere else. Have outside seats... Read More
"A great local and well established pub in the heart of Old Taipa"
Sep 15, 2016 by ExpatDaze
A great local known and well established pub in the heart of Old Taipa know to most as the OTT. This place is famous for "housing" the expats who love to sit down, eat and drink for hours and hours... Read More
"Ask The Price First"
Sep 24, 2016 by phillkane
Hello I was looking forward to eating at this bar but feel the price charged for a steak in this bar was over priced. Aus Wagu Striploin 300g was 447MOP and I was led to believe by the menu that the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Restaurante Dumbo

"taste of Portugal"
Jul 28, 2016 by Choo N
been there for lunch,food was good but it is a bit uncomfortable for us because the waitresses just standing in front of us and wait for us to finish our dish.must try their seafood rice and Read More
"Worth the wait"
Sep 11, 2016 by Iris L
We waited for around 20 mins for a table instead of going to a nearby restaurant (of the name of another Disney character). Glad we came here as the experience was great - extensive menu at... Read More
"Always delighted !"
Sep 7, 2016 by Angela B
Our family always came here whenever we travelled to Macau, one of our favourite restaurants for Portuguese cuisine. Haven't been to Macau for over 3 years, we came here right after we got off the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


"Good food lovely old building"
May 29, 2016 by fareastjim
We haven't eaten here for ages but decided to eat here during our last trip to Macau prior to going to the cinema at the Galaxy. The food is still good and service fast. The wine is good and cheap... Read More
"Portuguese food"
Jul 19, 2016 by aileen_cp
Went there past 1pm and restaurant was still crowded. Ordered the highly recommended cod fish croquettes. Would loved to try the Portuguese chicken curry in Claypot but waitress advised that it will... Read More
"Very diasspointed"
Sep 4, 2016 by Hawkdai007
Went there by following some reviews. However it was turn out to be a very disappointing dinning experience. The restaurant was very noisy and service was very bad. It was supposed to serve genuine... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Seng Cheong

"Decent Food."
Oct 8, 2016 by daniworldstar
It was quite crowded in the afternoon but mostly, it was local people came to have lunch. It was quite noisy and I had no surprise. We were there for the famous crab congee for lunch, ordered small... Read More
"Nice Crab Porridge"
Oct 6, 2016 by CodFishY
Just 10mins from Venetian. Very nice Crab Porridge. The other dishes are nice also like the Pork Liver & Kidney. The toufu also nice. Went there during lunch and the crowd still okay. Food waiting... Read More
"convenient tourist spot"
Oct 5, 2016 by vile10
good location, 10 min walk from Venetian, a lot of food on the same street however, crab congee wise, it's definitely not on my go-to list in Macau Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Indian Garden

"Food are good"
Jul 16, 2016 by viralg16
I was in Macau 10th July , 2016 and i stayed at Regency hotel, indian garden is very near to regency hotel around 350 mtrs . And food are very good . We also ordered pulao but taste of pulao is not... Read More
"Tasty Indian food-Hotel run by Tamils"
Jun 2, 2016 by Senthil K
Enjoyed a sumptuous Lunch buffet at this Indian Restaurant run by Tamilians. Food was good,with tamil songs in background. Nice interiors with Indian Idols. Located near Sands Hotel, Macau. a must... Read More
"Very Good"
Jun 29, 2016 by Mouriska
Really very tasty indian food! The tandori was very yummy! And dont miss the indian beer! Friendly service and acceptable price! Dont miss it! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

O Manel

"Surprise find for lunch "
Nov 22, 2015 by HudBkk
I live in Macau (Taipa) part time and am always looking for new places to eat. This restaurant is next to my flat and am disappointed I have not eaten here sooner. The food is outstanding, the... Read More
"One more Portuguese restaurant in Macau"
Apr 20, 2016 by geodonkey
I think I can say that the place in the world with more Portuguese restaurants is Macau (after Portugal itself, of course). Among so many restaurants, there are obviously some that I consider... Read More
"Macau's "Soup Natzi" Chef"
Jan 8, 2016 by DJSinHKG
Never mind the menu, you will eat what the eclectic and opinionated chef/owner has on his chalk board (Portuguese/Chinese) and selects for you! Delicious Portuguese food in a kitschy, old-school... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Aurora Restaurant

"Excellent Service"
Apr 20, 2016 by Nuno M
Aurora has an excellent Quality-Price ratio. We (a party of three) ordered two entries: Uovo and the Veil with Tuna, which was suggested to us, although I have to admit the Uovo was more to my taste... Read More
Jan 16, 2016 by marta385
Starting with the great location with a breathtaking terrace where you can enjoy a nice aperitif before dinner, inside the restaurant a shiny modern decoration,the staff incredibly knowledgeable and... Read More
"Best Seafood Platter for a Buffet"
Mar 24, 2016 by July L
Environment: Nice view and spacious. Appetizer: Usually the seafood platter at a buffet is better watch than eat. But here, they are serious with their quality and taste. They offered Lobster... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Macau Matsu

"Mini Vegas in China"
Jun 20, 2015 by Michael J
If you are in Hong Kong take a day trip or even stay over night to really experience the casinos and restaurants. Lots of history and plenty of reminders of the Portuguese history of Macau but not... Read More
Apr 23, 2015 by Khushbu9
macau matsu is a temple. you would feel very tranquil and peacefulm here as the vibrations here are such. must visit Read More
"The Original name of "Macau""
Jun 28, 2016 by Haryanto S
From this place...where Macau finally got its name: A-ma (Mother) temple and Dou (Island) => finally becomes Ma + Cau. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

University of Macau

"the biggest and best university in Macau"
Apr 22, 2016 by 泽阳 陈
in 2012, the university of Macau has a new campus in Hengqing island. we have 8 residential colleges and 7 faculty. I come from mainland china, major in accounting. I love UM not only its new and... Read More
"university of Macau"
Apr 21, 2016 by lai531
First, I am local student and studied in university of Macau. So I am so glad to introduce and can make a good information to yours. In recent years, more and more people notice university of Macau... Read More
"A very beautiful university"
Apr 21, 2016 by Ericliuola
If you are interested in different university’s campus, I think the new campus of University of Macau is your best choice. As a student in University of Macau, I’m very proud of the new campus with... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Our Lady of Carmel

"Church for prayers"
Jul 27, 2016 by mariaR7743JK
Our Lady of Carmel Church is a beautiful church befitting the order of the comtemplative Carmelites. It is a good place to visit ànd to pray ... to light a candle in thanksgiving . Read More
"Apparently, it is open for public"
Oct 30, 2015 by Suttichart D
I went to it while I was on the tour in Taipa old town, the church look rather lovely and was located on a small hill where you can see the Venetian Hotel and Macao's colonial building across the... Read More
"Nice church"
Dec 30, 2015 by bluey_way
This is Macau, church everywhere! Haha. Again a nice church for photoshooting. It is walking distance to Ruo Do Cunha and Houses Museum. It was closed when I was there, hence I didn't enter this... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

"Taipa village"
Apr 22, 2016 by KaLam L
Come here to see five of Tiffany green building, inside it is to introduce the former Portuguese how life. Although the museum has five rooms, but there are only three opening up, every one of the... Read More
"Worth a visit! Close to Rua do Cunha (官也街)"
Aug 23, 2016 by Sharonkhl
My family and I visited the museum on a hot day in August 2016. The museum provides some information of the history and development of Taipa and it is fantastic to know more about the place instead... Read More
"Small museum with hidden treasures"
May 30, 2016 by May C
Inside a large tiffany blue colonial building houses a small museum that covers the history of Taipa and Coloane and is only a few steps from the Tin Hau temple and Tin Hau bus stop. You'll find... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple

"Small Temple dedicated to Kwan Yu within Macau historic centre"
Dec 7, 2015 by DelanA82
Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple is a small Chinese temple dedicated to Kwan Yu, The God of War and Justice. The temple is located in front of St Domenic's Market Area, which was the old Chinese Bazaar area... Read More
"Sixth stop on the 'Footsteps into the Historic Centre' Walking Route in Macau"
Aug 26, 2016 by BradJill
The Sam Kai Vui Kun (Kuan Tai Temple) is the sixth attraction on the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) sponsored self-walking tour called 'Footsteps in the Historic Centre' and the first of the... Read More
"Guan Di"
Apr 21, 2016 by Sherry1024
I believe that many people are not clear about this scenic spot. Hall Three Street is mainly used to worship Guan Di. He was a well-known person, because he had good faith and bravery, so many people... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Pek Tai Temple

"Must visit"
Jun 7, 2014 by Seema519
The temple was beautiful,Loved every thing about it .The sculptures were very beautiful.liked the bells that were hung ,the godess statue was quiet old and beautiful.The inscencesticks smell was... Read More
"Pek Tai (Beidi) Temple in Taipa Village"
Sep 19, 2014 by BradJill
Pek Tai Temple and is found on a small square, Largo Camóes in the small village of Taipa. This temple was built 1844 and is the only temple in Macau dedicated to the God Pek Tai. This is a small... Read More
"Good visit if you're passing by"
Apr 21, 2014 by masaccio
I stumbled on the temple whilst on a business trip, so didn't really plan a visit. As such, I probably had lower expectations than other visitors. The temple is small and quiet, but with a number of... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Carmel Garden

"A quick stop if visiting Taipa Village"
Jun 22, 2015 by BradJill
Carmel Garden is a small public space located at the eastern part of Taipa Village just above the Taipa Houses Museum, lake and nature area. It is not a priority park or garden to visit but a fair... Read More
Apr 23, 2015 by Khushbu9
the garden was very colorful and nice. had a lot of different types of flowers. a very picturesque place. we clicked a lot of pictures. Read More
"Tiny, nicely designed and landscaped city park in Taipa next to Our Lady of Carmel Church"
Jan 29, 2012 by BradJill
We stopped at the Carmel Garden (city park) for a few moments to rest our feet during a morning in Taipa, last summer. It is a nicely designed place, more of a city park instead of a Garden by Macau... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Garden of Flower City

"Park!Park! 😊"
May 27, 2016 by Bethchabay
A very nice park with fish watching. It is in front of Park N Shop. So while doing shopping or the weekly grocery routine, kids can spent time to hang around, play and watch the koi's with turtle's. Read More
"Simple garden"
Aug 10, 2016 by TavaresJorge
It's a simple garden in centre of Taipa. Have a lake with some fishes, and some benches in the shadow for locals quick meals. The higher point of this garden in my opinion it's a cool playground for... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics

Sep 4, 2016 by JRC077
マカオ空港の目の前の山の山頂が公園になっており彫刻家の銅像がたくさん展示されていました。自然豊かな公園で空港も近く飛行機を眺めるのにもいい場所だと思いました。 Read More
"Interesting and Original"
Oct 12, 2015 by N K
The park is essentially a path with trees and about 30 statues presenting various nationalities living in China. Most of the statues show dance moves of the peoples or their traditional occupations... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

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Garden of Flower City
Bamboo Bay Beach
Sculpture Park of the Chinese Ethnics
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