Federation brought heightened tensions including a conflict with Indonesia, Singapores eventual exit in 1965, and racial strife. This strife culminated in the 13 May race riots in 1969. After the riots, the controversial New Economic Policy was launched by Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak, trying to increase the share of the economy held by the bumiputera.[52] Under Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad there was a period of rapid economic growth and urbanisation beginning in the 1980s. The economy shifted from being agriculturally based to one based on manufacturing and industry. Numerous mega-pro...

Traveler Shared

Petronas Twin Towers

"Beautiful view of KL"
Oct 4, 2016 by Gastone M
Traveled up the tower at Petronas Towers to the connecting bridge and observation deck. What a great view KL. you can feel the building slightly sway which is normal. The 45 minute tour was just long... Read More
"Don't take the "tour""
Oct 4, 2016 by Shi Yi N
I paid for the tour believing I'll learn something about the towers; how they were built, challenges they faced, architectural details... etc. But all I got was a few escorts up and down the... Read More
"A must see "
Oct 4, 2016 by Magui L
Together with the Batu Caves, Petronas Towers worth a visit. I think that for locals is super expensive as 85MYR is not affordable for all. But if you can do it, the experience is really great. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)

"Amazing waterfalls around the front beautiful gardens around the back"
Oct 4, 2016 by Tanya W
if you only have a short time there i recommend you start from the back have a look around the gardens while you can see in the day light, then head though the shops have a look around get something... Read More
"WE loved it!"
Oct 4, 2016 by SMR5812
My husband I loved visiting the huge shopping malls there. You literally walk ten minutes over a footbridge and come to another shopping mall. You can spend all day and actually tire yourself out... Read More
"Lost in the Maze"
Oct 4, 2016 by SHRAVASTI C
This place is huge. The LRT station KLCC takes you right into the mall. Its a delight for shoppers. With events on all day long it is bustling with people. Once you enter, you might as well lose... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

"The birds and I"
Oct 4, 2016 by cee_elle1010
Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the park among the birds, commencing the afternoon with a light vegetarian lunch at the Hornbill Restaurant with my niece from Hong Kong. She was very impressed... Read More
"Didnt expect much but it ended up really nice"
Oct 4, 2016 by Celin X
Loads of storks and peacocks flying everywhere and some would come peck you. Don't miss the feeding sessions. Some hornbills are in cages but the most famous one wasnt. During the feeding session it... Read More
"Not bad"
Oct 4, 2016 by LozArthur
Loved the concept of an open aviary park but still at least half the birds are caged. Honestly, wasn't overly enthralled and whilst there is a great variety didn't get the feeling they were looked... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Kuala Lumpur Tower

"Bit pricey but Great Experience"
Oct 4, 2016 by ein24
105rm is a bit pricey for some to go to the skydeck.. 50rm for observation deck only.., but skydeck will give you the best 360view of the whole city.. The best part is the photo ops on the glass... Read More
"Worth the upgrade"
Oct 3, 2016 by NormanJRS
We were offered tickets on the hop on hop off bus for 48RM, luckily we declined as when we got to the pay desk, that only gets you to the behind glass viewing level. We paid 128RM (approx £25) to go... Read More
"Breathtaking KL view from the menara kl sky deck"
Oct 3, 2016 by 874evany
It was really a good experience and is worth to pay a visit, it is relaxing walk around with the wind blowing on there and taking memorable photos on the sky deck, enjoy the great view of KL city at... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Islamic Arts Museum

"Art museum "
Oct 4, 2016 by عمرو ع
It's a nice museum with three floors it's contains holly Quran, seals, Islam history in Malasiya, book shop, restaurant, school library, latest publication children's activities, gallery and models... Read More
"Absolutely marvellous!"
Oct 4, 2016 by LozArthur
Definitely a must see whilst in KL! Such a great variety in the galleries and gives a fantastic overview of the history of Islam in Asia Africa and the Middle East. The relics were just glorious to... Read More
"Best museum in KL by far"
Oct 3, 2016 by Adrian F
I was initially taken aback by the rather high ticket rate (RM14 per adult), as most museums in Malaysia charge almost negligible ticket rates. However, the visit was worth every penny. The... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

KLCC - Bukit Bintang Walkway

"Sheltered and Air Con Walkway"
Oct 3, 2016 by acineto
Connects the Pavilion shopping mall with KLCC. The walkway is fairly well signposted, you just need to follow the signs. The partially air conditioned walk way is really handy in the heat. From... Read More
"one of the best city walks"
Oct 4, 2016 by Haveyou R
this is one of the best covered pedestrian walkways i've ever walked on. so great that it's airconditioned and connect everything in klcc and bukit bintang. Read More
"Tourist Friendly"
Oct 4, 2016 by Siddharth J
One of the highlights of the Kl city You can get everything in this part of the world, the best street food, great people, great bars n most importantly its always full of energy and music. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Central Market

"Souvenir central!"
Oct 4, 2016 by LozArthur
If you're after knick knacks to take home head here!! There is a great variety of local merchandise for the avid traveler to purchase and take back! Clothes and food upstairs with everything else on... Read More
Oct 4, 2016 by Michael A
What a disappointment. It's full of tacky souvenir shops selling stuff that can be found in just about any tourist market in the world. About the only redeeming thing is the air-conditioning. This... Read More
"A must go"
Oct 2, 2016 by Diana522013
I always encourage visitors to KL to visit this lovely place. It used to be a smelly "wet market" selling vegetables and seafood etc, but over the past 2 decade , has been transformed into an... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Madam Kwan's

Oct 2, 2016 by Jade C
Has a good selection of Malaysian street food but you would dine in a comfortable, air-conditioned place. The price is on the pricey side for the type of food offered. Read More
"Great food in Mall environment "
Oct 3, 2016 by Kate P
If you don't mind eating in a shopping centre, and as an alternative to the street food, this is the place to go for fantastic Laksa, Sate and all the other local food you might want to try. We will... Read More
"Nice service! "
Oct 2, 2016 by martyna_polska
The service let us in even though it was 30 minutes to close the restaurant and they were closing the kitchen. We picked nasi lemak and some vegies together with beers. Everything was yummy and the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Healy Mac's Irish Pub and Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

"Home from home !!"
Oct 2, 2016 by AndyC525
Great beer, great food, great service. Friendly staff. A welcome change after big business restaurants Read More
"Too high expectations..."
Oct 3, 2016 by Thomas B
After reading the very good reviews here, I might have had too high expectations - because I definitely ended up dissapointed. Its my first visit to Malaysia, so I cannot compare to anything local... Read More
"Great atmosphere good pint of Guiness "
Oct 1, 2016 by Rhi67
Visited evening 27th Sept and whilst it was very busy we were quickly served and throughout evening staff were attentive as soon as they noticed our glasses were empty. The place had a great... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


"Great Shops"
Oct 4, 2016 by ALLISON B
Plenty of variety to shop, went to Aquarium there brilliant watch out for photos they take too expensive don't buy them you can take your own photos anyways. Read More
"Absolute gorgeous "
Oct 3, 2016 by Aimee S
This park is huge and has many beautiful walks, but be prepared for it to be very hot during the day Read More
"Nice Views of the Petronas Towers"
Oct 3, 2016 by acineto
I ended up here after following all the signs to KLCC from the Pavillion. The park was really nice and clean with people running around (at night). The best part is that it is where Lake Symphony is... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Atmosphere 360

"Great views"
Oct 7, 2016 by donlis2016
We booked a window seat at the restaurant for the evening. Beautiful view of KL. the restaurant itself was lovely. Staff not quite so friendly as other restaurants we had visited during our stay in... Read More
"Birthday Dinner"
Oct 7, 2016 by Sandra1662
I celebrated my birthday here and my daughter requested a table near the window. It was wonderful. We watched the view as day turned into night and took lots of photo's. The buffet was extensive and... Read More
Oct 3, 2016 by Sudheer S
Apart from the views nothing much to add. Quality of food and service are just mediocre...Need to pay extra bucks for window view..a disappointing one Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Suria KLCC Mall

"Cheap food finds & activities for the kids"
Oct 6, 2016 by Thajunisa
If you want to try cheap local food then head on down to either the 2nd floor or 4th floor food courts. 2nd floor food court: Vegetarians rejoice as there are 2 shops (asian + indian) shops with an... Read More
"Connects to the Petronas Towers"
Oct 3, 2016 by acineto
The Underground walkway from the convention center lead to Suria KLCC mall. alternatively you can walk along the KLCC park to the entrance of the mall. The mall has multiple levels and offers food... Read More
"Vegetarian stall"
Oct 5, 2016 by Jaclyn T
Very big shopping mall with Parkson and many branded outlet, situated at Petronas Twin Tower, there are food court at level 2 and 4. Vegetarian stall is situated at level 2 food court. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

"Good intro of KL and Malaysia"
Sep 30, 2016 by Adrian F
This is by no means a museum, as there are no actual historical artifacts on display here. You basically pay around RM5 to go inside, read a few descriptions on KL and Malaysia's history (which were... Read More
"DONE miss this!"
Oct 5, 2016 by Girltraveler101
I always look for this kind of gigantic city name where you can have a photo ops! I just love KL, go and visit i! Read More
Sep 30, 2016 by 心怡 溫
Videos also can learn about local history can be seen through the unit before tickets go to but is so good! i like it not many people Attractive building Will go Attractions!Videos Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Petrosains Science Discovery Centre

"Plenty to learn and explore"
Oct 3, 2016 by Norzaiha N
I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome ride into Petrosains (after purchasing the ticket and allowed inside). It really builds up the anticipation of what was to come. There are plenty to read... Read More
"Educational and affordable"
Oct 9, 2016 by CY A
First and foremost, the entrance fees is very affordable. Second, the entrance to the center with a short ride in a the atomic coaster is rather impressive. This is also how visitors will exit the... Read More
"We had to navigate through hundreds of scholkids"
Oct 6, 2016 by abrownyork
As scientific museums go, this was very average. There is a lot going on here and most of it is suitable for children but a little too simplistic for me. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Dining In The Dark KL

"Awesome food! Amazing experience!"
Oct 5, 2016 by dorcas112778
This is a surprised bday dinner for my husband. This is our first experienced dining in the dark. We both love the 4 courses meals. The chef is excellent! Besides, the service from our "dark expert... Read More
"Great Experience!!"
Oct 8, 2016 by kr54p
This in an amazing experience. Confronting at first, but made to feel comfortable by an incredibly skilled waiter in Marcus. The food was superb with great variety, matched with quality wine. Read More
"Dining in the dark ..it's simple amazing experience "
Oct 5, 2016 by Tanu800423
We choose this place based on the trip advisor reviews.They didn't disappoint us, it was fantastic meal and a whole new dining experience.The food was excellent, the service was warm and very... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Bukit Bintang

"Something for Everyone - Bukit Bintang Rocks"
Oct 3, 2016 by John W R
Bukit Bintang is the name given to an area found within the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. The area is named after Bukit Bintang Road which runs through the centre and is also bordered by... Read More
"Very busy"
Oct 2, 2016 by Trace94
This area is very busy. Lots of restaurants and roadside market stalls. A few good shopping complexes ranging from top of the line to stalls selling replica products. So if you like to shop this is... Read More
"Lots of Shops"
Oct 3, 2016 by acineto
Came by during the day to see what was around. There was plenty of shopping complexes down this single road, all of which seem to be leading to the Pavilion mall. I started from the Bukit Bintang LTR... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Hard Rock Cafe

"OMG - is this really up to standard???"
Oct 8, 2016 by YouAreWhatYouIs2
Hard Rock Café (HRC) feels like a safe bet in cities around the world. I remember visiting HRC in Kuala Lumpur about 10 years ago, and as far as I can recall it was all up to standard. But... Read More
"Live rock music"
Oct 9, 2016 by archit_a_1234
Nice place for live music but you have other cheaper options offering similar services in kuala lumpur Read More
Oct 7, 2016 by Bahjat M
Superb atmosphere The drinks are great Super cold beer and delicious burger Worth the time and service is great Make sure there is a place cause sometimes the place get very crowded that you don't... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Din Tai Fung Pavilion KL

"Xiao Long Bao"
Oct 2, 2016 by sql_lien
Purposely came for the xiao long bao, though my stomach was full at that time. As quick snack, really not bad at all. Crowded place but not uncomfortable, still nice to have chat while eating. Read More
"Not quite as good as other branches"
Sep 26, 2016 by Janet B
This our 5th Din Tai Fung in three different countries. The xiao long bao were as delicious as ever, but they'd run out of our preferred variant by 8:30 pm and there was a 15 minute delay for the hot... Read More
"Excellent Xiao Long Bao"
Oct 3, 2016 by Elo X
The Xiao Long Bao are really good, and it's nice to get to see how they're prepared. The service is quick, the place is noisy , but not crowded. Would go back again! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Perdana Botanical Garden

"green oasis in citycenter"
Oct 7, 2016 by TomasCernicky
Botanical Gardens in KL is a great place to relax. The garden is very well maintained and clean. Surprisingly, there are large crowds tiristů. I suggest you visit an orchid garden. The garden is... Read More
"Flower Power"
Oct 7, 2016 by paul b
Beautiful plants and an awesome array of colours and varieties, particularly the orchids many of which were unknown to me. Read More
"Nothing to see"
Oct 4, 2016 by Honesty183
Expected a nice array of plants and trees. This was not so. Park was uninteresting have seen better plant life off the bus. Not sure whether we visited out of season. A sunken type of garden was the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Marini's on 57

"Great place to Chill"
Oct 4, 2016 by Stuart H
Great views of the towers, the table service in the bar is excellent the staff are very friendly and welcoming. We had dinner each nigh in the bar the steaks and pizza's are fantastic. The staff are... Read More
"5* service "
Oct 4, 2016 by Lloyd S
From start to finish, Marini's on 57 is pure class. From the service to your table to the moment you exit the building. One of the best places I've been in years. With breath taking view of Kuala... Read More
Oct 3, 2016 by Andrew R
Visited Marini's on 57 during our last night in Kuala Lumpur. We were only meant to be there for a few drinks (Good Happy Hour options) but with an incredibly impressive view of the Petronas Towers... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

"Holiday visit"
Oct 11, 2016 by umisty
Staff were very unhelpful. When you could see butterflies it was nice, but most we flying near the top of netted area. Read More
"Not worth at all!"
Oct 11, 2016 by Anuja06
Butterfly park has only 2-3 type butterflies, the place is not worth a visit. It is waste of time and money both. It is more of a museum than a park. It has different types of insects kept in glass... Read More
"Short and sweet"
Oct 12, 2016 by Azlinda A
A small lush park. Beautiful greenery all around and a large fish pond. Fish feeding was fun for the little one, fish food bought at entrance. Although small, the park has a lot of twists and turns... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Merdeka Square

Oct 12, 2016 by Jade M
Went in here during night time and it's awesome do like picnic brought some food and sit down on the bench,chill...totally cool Read More
"A nice look into colonial Malaysia"
Oct 11, 2016 by Erikz_nl
Nice old neighbourhood, with lots of colonial references. Liked the calmness here compared to Bukit Bintang where I stayed. For people who dig architecture Merdeka Sq and the surrounding area is a... Read More
"Worth a short visit"
Oct 12, 2016 by IndyES
The actual works all around the square don’t help to see the beauty of the iconic buildings around the place. I can imagine that without all these works the square maybe magnificent having been the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

"Beautiful external decoration"
Oct 4, 2016 by Adamantios S
A small temple in China town about 100m from the underground station, i was astonished by the external detailed decoration Read More
"Very interesting temple with all welcome"
Oct 2, 2016 by Schwing10
There is a lot to look at in this interesting temple. All kinds of people gather here and it is a quiet place in the city. Leave your shoes next door for a small fee and wander into the temple... Read More
"Hindu temple in KL"
Oct 7, 2016 by Hendge
Near Petaling Street(China Town), there is a historical Hindu temple which worth to have a look. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Thean Hou Temple

"Its a nice temple"
Oct 7, 2016 by AdventureLovingKapil
had a chance to look the Chinese God.. Its a very nice & beautiful place. Must visit once during a trip to KUL. Read More
"Great architecture"
Oct 7, 2016 by Asad M
Nice place to visit for all, free entrance and nice to walk all around the temple. It was near empty when we went so we got nice pictures, especially from the top where we could see a large portion... Read More
"Amazing Chinese temple"
Oct 9, 2016 by Katievampire
We went to the temple on our last day in KL and we never regretted it. We loved the building and silence there. Small gift sop had reasonable prices!! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Petaling Street

"Once was enough"
Oct 9, 2016 by STELLA08Auckland
We stayed very near here, but it wasn't an experience I really enjoyed. Too hot, aisles between the stalls are too narrow, the stalls all seem to sell very much the same stuff, the stuff is just... Read More
"Crowded China town"
Oct 7, 2016 by Hendge
I believe this place targets foreign tourists. Many stores were selling similar items such as leather goods, bags, cloths etc.There were also some hotels for backpackers on the street. I was told my... Read More
"Decent Food, Market Shopping"
Oct 9, 2016 by Nickers9699
This is a busy Asian market street, be prepared for it to be busy, be prepared to say 'No thankyou' A LOT, be prepared to haggle and be prepared for the unexpected smells. The food is decent, the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

El Cerdo

"Good Food and Good Service"
Oct 3, 2016 by Cindy W
The Suckling Pig is really good!! The skip is so crispy!! Service is really good because they give us brief explanation 😊😊 Read More
"Good food"
Sep 30, 2016 by Xinyi C
It was a post work celebration. Food was good. Some portion sizes could have been bigger. Wished that the restaurant provided plain water. Atmosphere was good. Air con could b colder. The... Read More
"Fantastic Sunday brunch for pork lovers"
Oct 4, 2016 by Anna S
El Cerdo offers a great value Sunday brunch, offering an attractive buffet of cold cuts and pate, as well as select items from their menu, including weiner schitzel, ribs and desserts. For only Rm195... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Steakhouse

"No MiSTEAKS here"
Oct 11, 2016 by Paul S
Best steak I've had ever, fact. Cooked to perfection, really great service in comfortable surroundings, well worth a visit. Read the reviews before I came and I can now see why this is ranked one of... Read More
Oct 10, 2016 by vegasfan99
Ranks as one of the best steaks ever, cooked to perfection, service was superb, atmosphere very nice, part of the Whisky bar next door, also very nice. Went twice whilst we there and would have gone... Read More
Oct 11, 2016 by JABEZIAM
a) Service is generally above average. From hostess greeting to seating and food delivery b) Wife had the mushroom soup- acceptable! Have tasted better c) Angus rib eye served with frites as a... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Hakka Restaurant

"Decent Chinese on a giant scale"
Sep 13, 2016 by TomJohnston52
This large piece of real estate with a huge, packed restaurant is now so. Incongruous among the sky scrapers that the owners have a large permanent sign declaring that the site is not for sale... Read More
"Busy place, efficient service and nice food"
Sep 12, 2016 by lesley J
After failing to find something to eat in China Town our delightful cabbie took us to Hakka. Instantly greeted by a waitress offering a beer. A mind reader? Usual Chinese food, hot dishes hot, others... Read More
"This place is essential to visit"
Sep 14, 2016 by Ian L
Always busy, more locals than foreigners so you know you get great local food, high speed service usually ,open air but under cover, brilliant chinese food, no airs and graces here, presentation... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Little India - Kuala Lumpur

"Good for a wander"
Oct 4, 2016 by glennlobo
lots of stalls for all sorts of items. Bargains galore, dont expect too much! Lots of bags, shoes, shirts and glasses Read More
"A vibrant part of Kuaka Lumput with a host of Indian businesses"
Oct 6, 2016 by abrownyork
If you like Indian food, this is the place to be. There are dozens of restaurants, shops cafes/bars in this area. It is colourful, busy and safe. I recommend a visit here for tourists. Read More
"Interesting Place To Have a Feel of "India" In Malaysia"
Oct 4, 2016 by Concierge3725
The place is slightly too crowded and the parking can be quite a hassle. Other than that, you can find very decent and authentic Indian restaurants around this little corner in the heart of Kuala... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Masjid Jamek

"One of famous masjid in KL"
Sep 17, 2016 by Afifah V
I went there 2x. As I wear hijab,so I dont have to rent "Baju Kurung".but for women who dont wear hijab,they must rent long sleeve and hijab to enter it.the architect is unique Read More
Oct 3, 2016 by 3Shakera
stunning serene and peaceful place to visit hop o hop off bus stops at this destination too as im sure the KL free bus service Read More
"beautifully decoated"
Oct 3, 2016 by rajamanu
it is a sight to behold at night when the lights come up. very conveniently next the Jamek Masjid LRT this house of prayers is very popular with locals and visitors. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

"Colonial Building at its Best"
Oct 7, 2016 by paul b
I love K L because of its diversity of cultures and architecture is at its best. This building exemplifies the British Empire, well worth a visit. Read More
"There is nothing to do inside but u should Go"
Oct 4, 2016 by Ahmed U
Actually there is nothing to do inside .. but the building looks amazing you can take great picture there with this building on background representing Malaysisan arts. There is Metro station there... Read More
"Suitable For History Lover"
Oct 4, 2016 by Concierge3725
This building has lots of history and interesting stories behind it. This building was constructed during the in 1894 and completed in 1897. Very detailed architecture with a taste of Moorish... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Mid Valley Megamall

"Superb mall"
Oct 6, 2016 by
It's a plea to visit. A great mall indeed. It's very big, with plenty of outlets. You can get a variety of items. Brand name and affordable too. There are many Restos there easy eating and... Read More
"Huge mall with great food options"
Oct 3, 2016 by RashaadRayman
MidValley is a great mall for the average shopper. It has a large variety of stores that will appeal to all income brackets and age groups. Unlike the pavilion mall which features huge brand name... Read More
"Mid Valley"
Oct 4, 2016 by nawalescape
Mid range mall, have international brands as well as Malaysian brands, prices are reasonable, full of amazing Malaysian, Chinese, Thai Restaurants, if you plan to do little shopping end of your trip... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sungei Wang Plaza

"Disappointing mall"
Oct 8, 2016 by Amber K
Been here 3 times in the last 2 years. It's more and more disappointing as the amount of shops are really just a hand full. Things here are pricey as tourist are always a good customer to make... Read More
"Not so crowded"
Oct 3, 2016 by Lulufluff
I remember years ago this place was buzzing with people. It is very quiet and there are a lot of shops vacant. It seems the shoppers are at Berjaya Times Square. Read More
"Cheap clothes!!!"
Sep 30, 2016 by Toni Jana C
Me and my companion planned on going shopping after our city tour, our tour guide/driver Manny dropped us here when we asked about the best place to get both branded and cheap clothes. We weren't... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

National Museum Negara

"A good overview of the history of the country"
Oct 5, 2016 by GlasgowHappyscot
The museum might only have four rooms but it is well organised, with a good range of exhibits and plenty of information in English. Entry is only 5 ringgits and presents very good value. A small shop... Read More
"Very nice museum"
Oct 18, 2016 by Shiv2013
Its a very nice museum depicts entire history of Malaysia, its culture and adoption of different religions etc,. This is a must visit place for history lovers, may not be that interesting to others. Read More
"Good history of the city and very cheap!"
Oct 9, 2016 by banstead
Entrance is 5 ringgit, which is a bargain compared to most KL attractions. It's a fairly small museum, with 4 galleries only, but I'm sure all tourists will learn a lot. We were surprised by much... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Kuala Lumpur Sentral Railway Station

"Very easy to use"
Oct 4, 2016 by Tanya W
The monorail was so easy to use once you got the hang of it... for 2 of us was about $2.66 australian dollars to get about half way across like about 30 minute ride we didn't spend any longer on... 2... Read More
"City Centre"
Oct 12, 2016 by Dinda1184
Best way to travel anywhere around Kuala Lumpur, Airport and also lot of nice hotel and backpacker room are available around this area Read More
"Gateway to Malaysia"
Oct 4, 2016 by John W R
KL Sentral Station is the main transport hub of Kuala Lumpur and is the gateway to Malaysia, from here you can access commuter trains to other city’s within Malaysia and up into Thailand as well as... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

National Monument

"'In Remembrance'"
Oct 12, 2016 by yfylou
My first visit was in 1975, not much has changed nor any new addition buildings. It is good to be back in remembrance for those warriors who died defending the country. Read More
"Getting to KL National Monument"
Oct 4, 2016 by hjsulaiman
Visited this park on 3rd Oct 2016. As recommended in the internet I do use the public transport to get there...which is getting to the nearest rail system which is KTM-Bank Negara. From there you are... Read More
"An impressive monument"
Oct 2, 2016 by Schwing10
As well as the national monument there is a cenotaph and pavilion in the grounds. It is a quiet space in the city with water surrounding the monument and worth visiting if you are in the area. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Jalan Petaling

"Mostly interesting for the food"
Oct 7, 2016 by _Tanita_Louis
The Petaling Market itself is not impressive (even if different from the markets I know). A lot of people are all selling the same things (glasses, bags, clothes...), in very crowded alleys. You can... Read More
"Tired, dirty and crowded"
Sep 16, 2016 by Alexander6011
Petaling Street is one of those places that never seems to change, except for the fact that it seems to get dirtier and smellier every visit. It's one of those places I walk through at pace, hunting... Read More
"The heart of Chinatown"
Oct 6, 2016 by abrownyork
This is a must see part of Kuala Lumpur. Bustling street market, shops restaurants and bars. Fresh fruit and street food. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

National Textiles Museum

"Really Nothing to Do"
Oct 4, 2016 by Ahmed U
The museum is for free , really nothing to do inside just one floor .... just if u jave kids and you need to use WC , pray or have a smal snakes u can use it inside the museum. Read More
"Just a minute away......"
Oct 12, 2016 by Jade M
Just 3 minute walk from Avenue J Hotel that i stayed in. Totally cool and must see.The history itself and the exhibitions. Read More
"Worth a visit"
Oct 15, 2016 by Syaer D
The exhibition at this museum is worth a visit if you are wondering about Malaysian traditional textile. The permanent exhibitions were great but not so much the temporary one. Please visit the cafe... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Railway Station and Administration Building

"big and efficient"
Sep 23, 2016 by Alex L
We did not get a train... we went by bus which is in the same terminal... the information desks were very helpful and spoke pretty good english... Read More
"Lovely architecture"
Oct 4, 2016 by Honesty183
Colonial feel and an interesting museum to visit. Live arrivals and departures to get around KL. Easy to purchase tickets. Read More
"Railway station"
Sep 29, 2016 by jainneha
This is a magnificent building . The trains are well connected to all the major cities of Malaysia and to Singapore .it is comfortable and cheap . Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Jalan Masjid India

"Shopping Raya"
Oct 3, 2016 by nurhotimahyusof87
Great shopping area to find cheap baju kurung, hijab, blous, women clothes and men clothes. Variety fesyen, material and style to choose. Read More
"street food and cheap bargains"
Oct 11, 2016 by adamsFBK
Lots of street food for visitors to try. But let me be honest, if you are expecting street food ala Singapore (aka clean environment based on Western standards), please do yourselves a favour and... Read More
"Indian Foods"
Oct 7, 2016 by Rdzyusof
I work around this area and if you're looking for decent Indian or Mamak food. You're in the right place. There is a mosque there, hence Masjid India. I hardly go to the mosque as everything is... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Royal Malaysia Police Museum

"underrated and mostly overlooked"
Sep 14, 2016 by Mrvolturi
This museum is a little bit obscure compared to the more famous National museum and Islamic museum but it is well worth a visit for anyone,with multiple exhibit showing off pieces and the different... Read More
"Excellent display well worth the visit"
Aug 28, 2016 by Graeme M
This is well worth a visit. The displays and artifacts are tastefully and professionaly presented. I wanted to give this 5 stars but it earned 4 simply because without some prior knowledge of... Read More
"Interesting history of the Malaysian Police Force"
Sep 16, 2016 by Ruth P
We stumbled across this museum when we were walking down to the city after we had visited the Butterfly Park and Orchid Garden. The buildings are old colonial style and we were drawn to look at them... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Lake Symphony

"makes all the difference at night"
Oct 10, 2016 by Mouwafi A
Go see it at night .. couples will have a sweet memory especially when they play a romantic song that you both like. also watch out for tourists they wreck all the fun. Read More
Oct 7, 2016 by Asad M
Amazing display which is surprisingly long and mesmerising all the way through to the end. It looks amazing and the atmoshphere was incredibly peaceful while quiet at night. Read More
"A pleasant and interesting outdoor attraction"
Oct 6, 2016 by abrownyork
Situated right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The fountains are lit at night and accompanied by music. The show creates a very welcoming ambience to a lovely area. There are lots of bars and... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

"Exciting and free"
Sep 16, 2016 by darren daniel y
This museum is very big and it as all sorts of world currencies displayed there. There is also an art gallery at the top floor. Read More
"all here"
Sep 27, 2016 by carbonex21
almost complete...even for normal people like me with little knowledge of economy....this museum is just THE PLACE to educate me in a very simple and plain way....the kids gallery? my kids super... Read More
"Kids Gallery is well done!"
Sep 18, 2016 by YD H
We only managed to cover the kids gallery at the ground floor of the money museum this trip, and plan to visit again to finish the other galleries. Entrance is free and there are storage lockers... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman

"A Historical Place"
Oct 8, 2016 by Ev_evn
Located in the heart of city centre where surrounded by high rise building. A historical place where you can see the architecture of this place is built up many years back. Read More
"Great insight to rural Malaysia in the city"
Aug 23, 2016 by Mike255100
As others have indicated, there is a MRY 10 donation for a tour which lasts about 30 minutes. These are at 11:00AM and 3:00PM so time your visit accordingly The old wooden house was transported a... Read More
"Small glimpse of Malay houselife"
Aug 25, 2016 by Amin E
Educational guided tour accompanying is with a video...if you are interested in Malay architecture or house life this is one place to start...I enjoyed the tour and content although it was brief Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Malayan Railways Limited Building

"Malaysian railway building"
Sep 29, 2016 by jainneha
This is a land mark monument built by the Britishers , I think as we find like this buildings in india too . . In Malaysia I found so many tourists clicking themselves with this building . Read More
"The Old Brown Building Near the National Mosque"
Sep 18, 2016 by akadir64
The location of this building is just adjacent to the National Mosque. It is operated by the Malayan Railway Company. Do not miss to take pictures of this place. Read More
"Great mix of styles"
Aug 18, 2016 by Mohsin A
Colonial era building. Its architecture is a mix if Moorish and Mughal styles. Very beutiful architecture. This is the place for photographs. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

"Malaysia's "Orchard Road""
Oct 18, 2016 by Gy G
JTAR is famous for being the shopping street of KL. At any time, JTAR is swarmed with shoppers especially before a major festivity. JTAR is similar to Orchard Road or Oxford Street - a stretch of... Read More
"The Real Culture Malaysia"
Aug 23, 2016 by suriati h
This is place to buy Indian and Malay costume in cheap price..one more thing best to know is local street food specially on friday Read More
"Best place in town"
Aug 23, 2016 by Aaron C
If you are travelling and want to see what KL can really offer, come over to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. It is a long stretch of road filled with many wonders that KL can offer. Come, see and... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Guan Di Temple Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

"Chinese temple"
Sep 29, 2016 by jainneha
Coming to KL we were curious to visit a Chinese temple . This was on the way so just visited it . Of course we did not know the details but found it to be colourful and soothing . Read More
"Pretty temple next to Chinatown"
Jun 7, 2016 by Lhilljones
Same street as Peter Hoe's (whilst it's still open) and a minutes walk from Central Market. What a pretty, ornate, clean and quiet temple this is. Nice to pop in and see if visiting Chinatown. Read More
"Serene setting"
Aug 25, 2016 by Arnold C
This temple is on an adjacent street between Chinatown and Petaling Street. It is a Chinese temple. If you like temples, this one is bright and cheery. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

National Art Gallery

"Long way to go"
Sep 28, 2016 by Wanchyn C
There is some renovation here. There are fine pieces but the variety is not enough. Lighting is somehow creating reflection of oil painting at which you cannot see the details. Exhibition regarding... Read More
"Portraits, Paintings and Ceramic Arts"
Oct 3, 2016 by HemiSemi L
Until March 2017, certain floors are closed for renovation. Due to this, no entrance fee was charged during my visit in September 2016. There were some interesting paintings from local artistes but... Read More
"Good attraction"
May 24, 2016 by pianocello
This is one of the lesser - visited of Kuala Lumpur's attractions. The simple reason is that it is kind of out of the way from the city's other main attractions. The other reason is that there is no... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

"big and efficient"
Sep 23, 2016 by Alex L
We did not get a train... we went by bus which is in the same terminal... the information desks were very helpful and spoke pretty good english... Read More
"Railway station"
Sep 29, 2016 by jainneha
This is a magnificent building . The trains are well connected to all the major cities of Malaysia and to Singapore .it is comfortable and cheap . Read More
"Lovely architecture"
Oct 4, 2016 by Honesty183
Colonial feel and an interesting museum to visit. Live arrivals and departures to get around KL. Easy to purchase tickets. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Jalan Ampang

"Main road and traffic jam road"
Oct 11, 2016 by Ngan H
It is one of the main roads of KL, so of course it is no wonder that it is one of the worst traffic-clogged roads in KL. At one end, there are many embassies located near alond the road. Ampang Road... Read More
Aug 27, 2016 by Hibak I
First and foremost the place REEEEKS!!!! The workers are very very rude in Ampang Park Shopping Mall! They also served us black rice! Who does that! And they said MUDIPO when we went to a clothing... Read More
"good tourist point"
Jul 11, 2016 by Rahadian S
clean, many food stall, near to the good mall, easy to walk and ride by bus are all good points about ampang. lets try Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

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