In 1981, a Conservative government led by Kåre Willoch replaced the Labour Party with a policy of stimulating the stagflated economy with tax cuts, economic liberalisation, deregulation of markets, and measures to curb record-high inflation (13.6% in 1981).Norways first female prime minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland of the Labour party, continued many of the reforms of her conservative predecessor, while backing traditional Labour concerns such as social security, high taxes, the industrialisation of nature, and feminism. By the late 1990s, Norway had paid off its foreign debt and had started...

Traveler Shared

Vigeland Museum

"Do not miss this!"
Sep 29, 2016 by Holly B
We spent hours enjoying the sculptures of every permutation of families, lovers, companions, and individuals imaginable. The famous screaming toddler's hand is burnished bronze from the hands of many... Read More
"Expected a bit more"
Sep 30, 2016 by Jonathanblanche
Various exhibits but not for the English speaking. Could have experienced more of what was being shown if there was an English translation to the exhibits Read More
"Bodacious Bodies!"
Oct 2, 2016 by JulieStoneybrook
My most recommended place to visit - not disappointed, astonishing array of glorious, entertaining, moving sculptures. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Viking Ship Museum

"Only a short Bus ride away"
Oct 4, 2016 by Carmonaman
It may seem a bit of a faff taking the bus out of Oslo centre, but you will be blown away by these magnificent ships.Furthermore, just down the road is the Folklore museum which is of equal interest... Read More
"On the husband's bucket list!"
Oct 3, 2016 by mgm530
Nice museum, husband really enjoyed the visit and I tried to act like I was more interested than I was. Seriously, it was very informative and very interesting but just not my cup o' tea. We took the... Read More
"Interesting place but not a "must""
Oct 2, 2016 by NYtravelingcouple
If you go by ferry be prepared for a long walk up a long hill in a local neighborhood of very interesting looking homes. The museum is at the top of that hill. It's a bit pricey and the exhibit is... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

"Beautiful "
Oct 4, 2016 by Debby C
This is one of the most beautiful modern buildings I have ever seen. The architect who thought this up is a genius, as it looks so good with the water surrounding it. The inside was lovely too. Read More
"Absolutely stunning"
Oct 3, 2016 by Nikki B
Make room in your itinerary to stop by and take a few pictures! We lost track of time after spending about half an hour here. Definitely go up to the roof and take in all of the opera house's glory. Read More
Oct 1, 2016 by francesca g
One of the symbols of Oslo. I could spend the entire day sitting on the roof looking at the sea. It is really easy to climb it and to go on the rooftop and look at Oslo from the top. The carrara... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Fram Polar Ship Museum

"Cool ships and history, could be a bit more interactive"
Oct 1, 2016 by seattle oliver
There is a ton of cool stuff here, however based on how highly this place was rated, i was disappointed that the displays largely consisted of info in wall-dioramas. There was a bit of interactive... Read More
"Think of where this ship has been...."
Oct 4, 2016 by OMALILY
When you think of where this relatively small ship has been , and when in history , it just blows your mind . Read More
"Interesting museum"
Oct 2, 2016 by AnnandBob99
Another of Oslo's maritime flavoured museum. You are able to walk all over and explore this ship and there is lots of information on its construction. There is a lift to the upper floor for those... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Ski Jump Tower

"Nice wievs "
Oct 1, 2016 by Riina L
Visited famous Holmenkollen ski jump tower and museum end of September. We were surprised that there was a lift to the highest peak of the tower and of course we went! Nice views to around Oslo from... Read More
"The view is brilliant, museum a bit ordinary"
Oct 1, 2016 by Chris G
You get off at the railway station, and it's not well signed on where to go. Its quite a walk, uphills, with ambiguous directions to find the entry. They could do a much better job of that. the... Read More
Oct 1, 2016 by francesca g
You arrive there with the metro, few minutes after by walk. I was not really interested in the museum but the view from the top of the trampoline was amazing. If you go there in the morning (it opens... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

"Lovely cultural display"
Oct 1, 2016 by Greg K
Very nice place that we were not expecting to stop at, but am so glad we did. They whole family enjoyed it, including some music, dancing, carving and cooking displays. Read More
"Excellent overview of centuries of Norwegian history"
Oct 1, 2016 by Nonada
I really enjoyed the visit to this museum that gathers farmhouses and a stab church from different time periods. The guided visit is worth waiting for, as the guide gives a very comprehensive... Read More
Sep 30, 2016 by B D
Really neat museum that showcased the history of the people of Norway. The old church, barns and houses were amazing. Easy to get by bus. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

National Museum - National Gallery

"Interesting collection"
Oct 1, 2016 by EiWiSu
It's well worth a visit for the Munch room and for the highlights from the large collection. They also have changing exhibitions of varying quality - usually well worth visiting. Read More
"I Scream You Scream"
Oct 2, 2016 by JulieStoneybrook
Twas sorry to run out of time to do other than dash in 15 minutes before closing (free then) to see Munch's famed piece. Read More
"A must"
Sep 30, 2016 by Fiorenza I
A great collection of impressionists and of course Munch. Since i didn't have the time to visit the Munch museum and the National Gallery I chose the gallery in order to see not only some of Munch's... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Oslo Fjord

"Best little cruise ever"
Oct 2, 2016 by Jessie T
We went on the 2hr sight-seeing cruise that leaves from pier 3. I highly recommend pre-booking this cruise as we did since the line was massive when we arrived and a few people couldn't get on board... Read More
"pleasant trip"
Oct 3, 2016 by Georgescviorel53
I made a trip of two hours in the Oslo Fjord, oslo harbor well organized ,very pleasant and interesting Read More
"Fantastic tour"
Oct 1, 2016 by francesca g
One of the first things that I did in Oslo was a boat tous of the fjord. It was fantastic! If the weather is nice just go at the pier in front of the city hall and go for a two hours tour. On the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Munch Museum

"Couldn't see the actual scream art work"
Oct 7, 2016 by Rachel T
I'm not one to appreciate artwork often but I was expecting to see the scream art work. Never did. Disappointing. Read More
Oct 9, 2016 by Anne L
Visited this on a Friday afternoon. Disappointed as only 15 paintings and three larger works on display. They were between major exhibits of Jasper Johns and Joon, still, very minimal display and... Read More
"Somewhat Disappointed"
Oct 8, 2016 by smorgasgord
The actual location of the Munch Museum is amid one of the most scenic areas of the city centre (across the street from the Botanical Gardens) and easily accessible by subway (Toyen Station... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Oslo City Hall (Oslo Radhus)

"As entertaining & educational as a museum, and free to boot!"
Oct 9, 2016 by Sharon C
We had heard, before our trip, about how the Scandinavian people don't generally build elaborate, richly decorated churches and cathedrals, but focus a lot of creativity on their public buildings... Read More
"The place where the Nobel Peace prizes are given"
Oct 10, 2016 by dsibb01
This place is full of Norwegian history via art. A beautiful place with a view and near shopping. Photos of recent peace prize winners. Read More
"Amazing murals"
Oct 10, 2016 by AliMaddieGood
City Hall is free to walk around, but you can get a tour. The murals are beautiful and tell the story of Oslo. Go upstairs to look at the smaller rooms- that's where the art is. My favorite part of... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Bygdoy Peninsula

Oct 3, 2016 by ansisi
Nice place for long walks, beach in summer time, natural landscapes. Must visit if you are in a lot of museums on the island as well :) Read More
"Quick ferry trip away from center Oslo - lots of museums"
Oct 1, 2016 by seattle oliver
We took the ferry to Bygdoy to see a couple musuems there and walked around a bit, too. Easily done and nice to see a slightly more residential part of Oslo. Read More
"beautifull view"
Oct 10, 2016 by nella H
i am in love with place , but the place is still on ma mind ,peaceoutt , nice , clean and sunny , from my visit to oslo Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Nobel Peace Center

"Excellent free exhibition"
Oct 10, 2016 by tavia14999
We particularly liked the room with all the tablets in. Well worth a visit and it was free when we went on a Saturday. Read More
"A Must to see in Oslo"
Oct 10, 2016 by Roger S
The Nobel Peace Center is a must to see while in Oslo. The exhibits are interactive and unique. It is very interesting to read about the various recipients of the Peace PRize. Read More
"Very Informative "
Oct 9, 2016 by Stendel
This museum is very informative about many of our noble prize winners. It tells the history of many key figures who have made a greater gift to us all. Takes about 90 minutes. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Royal Palace

"Beautiful clean property to explore on a sunny day"
Oct 7, 2016 by Rachel T
Big green spaces around the palace allowed for visitors to explore and very close to the city centre of Oslo Read More
"Norway's pride"
Oct 5, 2016 by Vegar B
Det kongelige slott translates as the King's Castle. The building stands magnificent in the city picture, on a height at the end of Karl Johan. Behind the castle you will find Slottsplassen (freely... Read More
"Nice Palace"
Oct 10, 2016 by Roger S
Very nice to view the Royal Palace. Disappointing the tours are limited. Great place to take pictures. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Karl Johans gate

"start at palace"
Oct 13, 2016 by MeuterMedia
and walk down the ..french... chancelise.. street. some architecture but mostly people watching. recommended meutermedia Read More
"A very central road, filled with shops, bars and restaurant. "
Oct 14, 2016 by Apostolis G
I would definitely recommend taking a stoll at Karl johans gate at night since (from what I have understood and experienced) it is the heart of Oslo's nightlife. Read More
"Great for shopping and walking"
Oct 14, 2016 by travellingtaff4
I loved this street. Lots of shops, cafes and restaurants. Great for people watching as you have a cup of tea or coffee, and perhaps a pastry from one of the bakeries. The only downside are the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Aker Brygge

"First on our list"
Oct 8, 2016 by Hnic7
We had just arrived to Norway and wanted to get fresh air and stretch our legs so we walked down near the wharf. It was beautiful to meander and explore the new construction - it is beautiful and... Read More
"Best place to be "
Oct 3, 2016 by xdavetx
This is the best place to visit , it has everything you need , excellent views over the harbour , good choice of bars and cafes . It is the place to be especially when the sun is shining , excellent... Read More
"Nice walk in the sun"
Oct 5, 2016 by TrondI71
When visiting Oslo this is a place to visit. This district is surrounded by a lot of offices and is a busy area for people in and out of their offices. For the visitors the boardwalk along the pier... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

"Exciting and spectacular art museum worth a visit!"
Oct 10, 2016 by Mountain_08
Large and modern art musem showing both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Don't miss the cow and calf (which you can actually walk through), Michael Jackson, the lead books and the installation... Read More
"Good for temporary exhibition"
Sep 30, 2016 by Enrico M
Beautiful museum with good natural light from the roof. The permanent collection is not big but with some interesting work from contemporary artists, norvegian and international (Damien Hirst, Anselm... Read More
"Great architecture"
Sep 30, 2016 by Fiorenza I
I didn't have the time to visit the collection, however the building is a sight itself due to its modern architecture. It's designed like sails.Very impressive Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Norwegian Museum of Technology

"Fun for "almost" everybody :-)"
Oct 13, 2016 by Jan H
Technical museum, often with many niice activieties for kids - always changing exhebition, so if you've been there and there has gone some months - go agai! Read More
"Easy to spend all day here"
Sep 25, 2016 by Danielle842
This is one of my favorite places to visit in Oslo. The bottom floor is full of hands-on activities and very kid-friendly. Most of the exhibits on this floor are in both Norwegian and English... Read More
"Excellent visit for all family"
Sep 30, 2016 by TomFarhias
It was my third time here in the last 5 years. It is a great way of spending a day for adults and children, mainly during the Winter. There are a lot of interactive activities that will make kids... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Botanical Gardens (Botanisk Hage og Museum)

"Fun, Free Activity in Oslo"
Oct 3, 2016 by Beth H
My friend and I spent about an hour and a half exploring the Botanical Gardens. We thought it was great for a free activity. There are several different areas all with their own unique exhibits. The... Read More
"Beautiful place to walk"
Sep 17, 2016 by Mitzie B
We spent at least 2 hours just walking around, sitting on benches and enjoying the beautiful views. The rock garden was extensive and lovely. We also liked the Viking garden. There was a food fest... Read More
"Very pretty"
Sep 23, 2016 by Malcolm P
Took a lovely walk through the botanical gardens. Loved the sculptures and different sections like the Viking garden Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Norwegian Parliament

"Neat building"
Sep 29, 2016 by aquauomo
But this is all I can say. I cant comment on the inside. It was closed for tourists. I tried twice, same results. It is however a nice place to stop for a few minutes, go up on the ramp and enjoy the... Read More
"Impressive Building"
Oct 9, 2016 by Stendel
Loved the outside of the building. It reminded me of a castle. Great building for photographing. Unfortunately for us a meeting was taking place and so we were not allowed a tour of the inside. Worth... Read More
"Norway's parliamentary building"
Oct 5, 2016 by Vegar B
Almost as impressive as the King's Castle, Stortinget is located about 500 meters away. Protected by lions (sculptures). Great for photograph enthusiasts. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


Aug 30, 2016 by LizP18
This small town is about 1 hour by bus (Number 500 from the bus station) from Oslo on the east of Oslofjord. Visit the Christmas shop all year round, also has a small but well presented aquarium... Read More
"Great little town"
Sep 3, 2016 by victorjitaru
You get here by bus from oslo central station, the 500 bus, ride it for about 1 hour and you get to the small town of drobak. Get off at Drobak torg and you will be in the central market where the... Read More
"An interesting town close to Oslo"
Sep 11, 2016 by Sergeyontheroad
Definitely worth the visit. Parking is a little limited, especially when the weather is nice, so be prepared to walk for a bit. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


"Walk through Oslo by the river"
Sep 21, 2016 by pdw1307
Akers elva (river) runs down from Maridalsvann about 10 kilometers to the centre of town. Very popular for Sunday walks and to feed the ducks. There is a good path all the way. Read More
"Nice neighbourhood to explore"
Oct 7, 2016 by Rachel T
We walked around this neighbourhood just exploring on our last day in Oslo. Lots of little boutiques and cafes. Read More
"Trendy alternative area!"
Sep 23, 2016 by oletta2016
Just 15 minutes by tram from the city centre you get to this very popular neighborhood , the heart of alternative style in Oslo, street art all around , painted facades on most buildings, flea market... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Ibsen Museum

"Fabulous for all lovers of literature"
Sep 11, 2016 by Pages1234
We followed the Ibsen path from The Grand hotel to arrive after about 20 minutes stroll. The museum was fascinating with many Ibsen tit-bits. The best bit, however was Ibsen's apartment. We were... Read More
"The home of the world's 2nd most famous playwrite."
Sep 10, 2016 by wyntyll
It was in an apartment upstairs in this building that Ibsen spent the last 11 years of his life. His desk is here and so is the room/bed in which he died. The rooms were restored using Ibsen's... Read More
"A must for literature lovers"
Aug 31, 2016 by pimoe
For People interested in Henrik Ibsens drama, visit his appartment he lived in his last years after 27 years overeas is a must. People in Norway with great culture enthusiasts stood back this... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Historical Museum

"Don't miss the stave church ceiling!"
Sep 29, 2016 by Holly B
Don't be put off by the weirdly curt reception desk person that interrogates you and sends you to the gift shop to buy a ticket, this is worth it. From the owl festooned facade to the viking... Read More
"Big building...poor staff"
Sep 20, 2016 by stefano_85london
I was expecting a lot about Norwegian history...but there was just a small section for the medieval and viking era. Read More
"Not bad but very little on Viking history. One of Oslo Pass attractions."
Sep 16, 2016 by Chris S
Had this museum not been part of the Oslo Pass attraction range, I would have been disappointed if I paid full price to enter. There is very little of memorable note, with very few English... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Norsk Maritimt Museum

"Good but very short"
Oct 8, 2016 by Vstress
Good museum, but really limited in content. Wasn't bad, but considering the building next door has a whole ship inside it, I was expecting more in this one. Read More
"Close to other maritime museums"
Oct 2, 2016 by AnnandBob99
Close by the Kon Tiki and Fram museums so worth popping into this museum especially if you have an Oslo pass as we did. Information and exhibitions on Norways maritime history. Read More
"Closer to FRAM"
Oct 6, 2016 by rskmcg
Almost touching the Fram and konTiki museum with outside sculptures, history of marine life and good waterfront Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Armed Forces Museum

"Solid history museum"
Sep 24, 2016 by Sean K
Free entry, interesting exhibits, really informative, good location in the fortress. Would definitely recommend it for anyone interested in history or with a spare hour in Oslo. Not a big museum, but... Read More
"Lovely grounds"
Sep 19, 2016 by Andy H
We did not have time to go in to the museum during this visit, though we did spend some time in the grounds, there are plenty of cannons along the walls. The museum is free and we will definately... Read More
"Comprehensive review of Norwegian military history"
Sep 25, 2016 by cgny1fwd
It starts with the Vikings and runs through Afghanistan. Although it has an extensive collection of weapons, it also tells the history with maps, photos, and text. There are well done models of... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

IceBar Oslo

"Something different..."
Sep 15, 2016 by Claire2502
Visited Oslo as part of a cruise, my partner and I are not into museums etc.,. and found this attraction right up our street 🙂 it was a little expensive as you could only spend a short time in there... Read More
"Touristy "
Sep 18, 2016 by irishwhiskey1
Very very touristy. Mostly young college kids, hen parties. Definitely cool in side. They have ice works and mainly have your drink or two take pictures that you were there. Was fun going once... Read More
"Fabulous "
Sep 10, 2016 by Pages1234
What an experience! Temperatures of -5 but the ponchos were fabulous at keeping us cosy. Well worth a visit. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Tiger Sculpture

"Bigger than expected"
Sep 19, 2016 by Lalo E
Cool sculpture of the 1000 years of Oslo as a city, its bigger than it looks in the pictures. Tip: there's a free walking tour starting in this point every day in the morning. Read More
"Tiger city of Oslo"
Sep 26, 2016 by Ian D
I am not usually a fan of animal sculptures, but this particular tiger, near to the main railway station of Oslo, fills the area with a certain feeling of movement. In fact, the city of Oslo is often... Read More
Oct 6, 2016 by rskmcg
Important mostly because of the location, in front of the central station with lot of free space iconic photo spot Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Emanuel Vigeland Museum

"Do NOT leave too soon!!!"
Jul 20, 2016 by TankGrrrl
This place is just amazing... and it improves if (a) you stick to the 'rules' of entry whilst in the museum (NB: whispering = talking, guys!) and (b) you stay there for longer than you might at first... Read More
"Fantastic experience!"
Sep 5, 2016 by JAG_in_YVR
Not for everyone, but we went there as a family (9 year old girl in tow), took our time as suggested and were rewarded with a fascinating experience. It is only one room, the paintings and sculptures... Read More
"Everything God has created is clean."
Aug 28, 2016 by Kristina5307
A stunning experience, total quiteness, existencial experience, erotic images, stay for at least so long tha your eyes get accostomised to the dark and so that all the art appears. The museum is open... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Oslo City Shoppingcenter

"Typical of any big city."
Aug 28, 2016 by PeterLodwick
Shopping center that has a plethora of mid market fashion stores. One can eat at a few restaurants serving cheap food. There are also a few bakeries where one can nibble on a pastry whilst surveying... Read More
"2 days in Oslo"
Sep 5, 2016 by Hashem A
Two days in Oslo, the largest city in Norway. Tight pathways and roads and fjords. Oslo City shopping center is one of the places to visit in Oslo. Medium size shopping center, with many shops and... Read More
Sep 13, 2016 by Ra M
Good location, most of the famous brands were there, good atmosphere, but very expensive like other centers in Oslo! Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Holocaust Center

"Sober and informative"
Sep 15, 2016 by Voyagian
I visited the museum on a sunny Sunday. I arrived too late to join the guiding tour at 12 pm. Nevertheless, the museum gives a lot of information, tracing back to the theory of some races better than... Read More
"Understanding the history of the Norwegian Holocaust"
Sep 3, 2016 by Ewen M
Understanding the history of the Norwegian Holocaust is important to understanding ourselves. How far are we from recreating these horrors in the name of modern religion and nationalism. If only we... Read More
"Important Museum, But..."
Sep 19, 2016 by FullBellyFull
It feels petty to find fault with a Holocaust museum so this is more a suggestion on how to improve things than a criticism. The QR codes that link to articles in English are a good idea, yet as... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Oslo Spektrum

"Nice Venue"
Sep 5, 2016 by CNDTravel
Nice venue to see a show, Not a huge venue but offers great views of the stage from all the seats. Great location downtown Read More
"Still the only great venue in Oslo"
Jul 28, 2016 by deaf_leopard
Saw A-ha here in May. Soundwise the venue is sound and a safe bet for those that get annoyed with band sound at gigs. Just make sure you have a seat directly in front of the seat. The negative at... Read More
May 6, 2016 by Louise D
I went to A-HA gig and it was amazing. The facilities are perfect to move around, get drinks and go to toilet. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Natural History Museum

"Very cool"
Oct 2, 2016 by Jeanette H
This would be a good place for you to bring your kids to. At the entrance we're already greeted by a giant dinosaur fossil. Wow. This place is situated inside a university and it's great to take a... Read More
"Very good natural history museum, you wont be disappointed"
Sep 24, 2016 by Sean K
Interesting and well laid out museum situated in the botanical gardens, and near the Munch Museum. If you're staying near here as we were, it might be better to spend your time elsewhere as its out... Read More
"Surprising site"
Sep 17, 2016 by Mitzie B
We did not except to see so many interesting things. The skeletons were well presented, the exhibits of nature were fun, colorful, and informative and the section on the minerals was beautiful... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Oslo City Hall Gallery

"An imposing building image"
Sep 30, 2016 by mrdesign
I concur with others on the quality of the murals and it is most interesting to stroll thru the galleries. Make sure to check the hours when the building is open. As an architect I found the building... Read More
"Norwegian art"
Sep 30, 2016 by Fiorenza I
Great place to see some great wall paintings as well as furniture and overall Norwegian decoration. I was really impressed and spent there almost 45'. There is a wonderful smell of wood in the halls! Read More
"A Little Too Bright To Show Artwork"
Oct 12, 2016 by Ming G
When we visited Oslo City Hall, we stopped by to see an art exhibition in the city hall gallery. We had wonderful time interacting with two female artists and liked their work on exhibition. However... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

City Museum (Oslo Bymuseum)

"Oslo City Museum"
Jul 30, 2016 by Janet G
It was a really interesting museum. Free entry to an extremely well presented exhibition. Lots of information, in English, about the growth of the city, displayed in an innovative way, with cameos... Read More
"Nice little place"
Jul 6, 2016 by Joanna H
This was close to Vigeland park so we decided to have our lunch there and have a look around. Firstly, the wild birds there are really tame. They were eating out of our hand. Was the highlight of my... Read More
"Oslo Life Through the Ages"
Jul 13, 2016 by Vic H
On the west side of Frogner Park and based on a charming middle ages farm the City Museum, Cafe and Gift Shop is a charming and interesting place. The main museum is down in the cellars and larger... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


"Fruit and vegetable market"
Jun 27, 2016 by mjc404
Situated in front of Oslo Cathedral this traditional fruit, flower and vegetable market was a busy, very lively place when we visited it. There seemed to be a vast selection of greengrocery items... Read More
"Traditional veggie and flower market"
Nov 16, 2015 by Haarud
A small number of booths, rather large ones, and with fairly long opening hours. Traditional veggies, flowers and seasonal offers are all there. Quite ok, ordinary and ok as such. Read More
"A flower shop"
Aug 25, 2015 by Diane K
It is a spot where you can pick up some flowers under umbrellas. Everything looked nice and fresh and colorful. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

She Lies

Sep 7, 2016 by miscrystal84
Nice sculpture to look at and take pictures. Good to learn more info on it. It may be a better picture at night. Read More
"Not easy to get close"
Sep 13, 2016 by woodmister
Interesting art piece near the National Opera centre. This piece wasn't my favourite but it was interesting and under some specific light conditions it may be special. Read More
"Nice art"
Sep 15, 2016 by highimpactuk
This is actually quite a technical art structure. It has a fixed base but moves about so changes its shape with the wind. Unfortunately, you cannot get too close but you can still appreciate the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Norwegian Nobel Institute

Sep 12, 2016 by Bruce H
The Norwegian Nobel Institute is worth the visit if you are interested in the Nobel Prizes awarded annually and presented in Oslo in November each year. The building itself is worthy of the visit... Read More
"Not even nearly as good as it should be!"
Sep 24, 2016 by Sean K
Expected this place to be an absolute must see, and to tell the full story of the Nobel peace prize, why it exists, why its in Oslo, while the rest are in Stokholm, and all about the many winners... Read More
"As long as you are interested"
Aug 16, 2016 by scba1095
Location is central and very easy to get to. A visit to the Nobel Institute is worth it if you are interested in the topic. As an international relations student, I found it fascinating. There is a... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Oslo Transport Museum

"A tram enthusiasts delight"
Jun 17, 2016 by JennyHurley
a comprehensive history of trams in Oslo with restored cars of all eras many of which you are permitted to enter, well done to the volunteers for such a good museum Read More
"Well conserved"
Oct 11, 2016 by Jeroen H
A very nice museum that contains quite a lot of well conserved vehicles (tram, metro and bus). I would not hesitate to go back and would certainly recommend it to people interested in this! :D Read More
"Fantastic - shocked it's not rated higher "
Jun 17, 2016 by Sam E
Very cheap entry fee (40NOK) and very kind, welcoming staff. A small museum, all located in one large room (where the trams used to be stored whilst in use), and if you work your way around the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt

"Beautiful setting"
Jul 11, 2016 by Peter T
Hidden among the trees,and music venue fences, beautiful setting for FDR. Too bad the statue is vandalized, hopefully awaiting repair. Read More
"2 days in Oslo"
Sep 4, 2016 by Hashem A
Two days in Oslo, the largest city in Norway. Tight pathways and roads and fjords. This Statue is a landmark in Oslo. Many old buildings and homes around , but their are many shops and restaurants... Read More
"Big Monument"
Jul 12, 2016 by Howlo
Was surprised to come across this monument, set in some trees close to the Akershus castle. Worth a look if going to the castle. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

St. Hanshaugen

"Favourite part of oslo"
Sep 28, 2016 by Linn N
With small pubs, caféet and boutiques where you can buy exclusive groseries. And with the cute park and amazing view. The architechture is beautiful. St hanshaugen is My absolute favourite place in... Read More
Jan 1, 2016 by OmRLondon
Absolutely loved this area. Probably our favourite place to spend time in Oslo. Lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Local community is lovely and a bit more upper class. Felt really safe... Read More
"Not the best park in Oslo"
Jul 23, 2016 by Christian A
This park is quite popular on hot and sunny summer days, especially among younger people. There is a bar in the park where one can buy drinks. Although the views are decent from the very top of the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

The Sneak Peak

"Moro, og for en utsikt!"
Aug 1, 2016 by HegeNilsen
Selv for mor med høydeskrekk var dette moro. Heisen tar deg 54 meter opp i luften. Dette gir en formidabel utsikt alle veier. Artig å se takterrassene til beboerne på Aker Brygge også, nå vet jeg... Read More
"A quick way to get a feel for Oslo and the Fjord"
Jun 29, 2014 by Oslo_Hebridean
Very good may be a stretch here as basically it's a lift with a view at the top.... but... I've been living in Oslo for 4 years. I'd normally recommend that visitors go to the top of the ski jump at... Read More
"Стеклянная башня"
May 26, 2016 by Марина У
54-х метровая прозрачная смотровая башня в районе Тювхольмен, открыта для туристов летом. С нее открывается неплохая панорама на залив. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Barcode Buildings

"Jost OK"
Sep 15, 2016 by highimpactuk
Not really sure why this is a thing...the design is nice and as part of the overall renaissance taking place in Oslo, maybe this will be better appreciated when its all done. However, for now, they... Read More
"Incredible Set of Buildings"
Aug 3, 2016 by Mathyew
I went for a walk along the street in front of and behind the Barcode Buildings - loved them. I like architecture and thought that section of street was a site to see. It's easy to see why it's... Read More
"2 days in Oslo"
Sep 6, 2016 by Hashem A
Two days in Oslo, the largest city in Norway. Tight pathways and roads and fjord. Barcode Buildings is one of the places see in Osli, in front of Opera building. Many news buildings and homes around... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Oslo Jewish Museum

"Celebrates life"
Sep 6, 2016 by Kishkes
Nearly all of Norway's Jews were deported and exterminated during the Holocaust. The Oslo Jewish Museum celebrates the lives of those who perished. It also describes and explains contemporary Jewish... Read More
"History made personal"
Jul 26, 2016 by Bigstockbroker
6 Million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust - it's such an enormous number it's hard to grasp. This is the story of some 2000 Norwegian Jews - the ones that survived and the ones that didn't... Read More
Sep 12, 2016 by Bruce H
The Oslo Jewish Museum is very sobering. To remember the atrocities of the holocaust and the treatment of the Jews generally during World War II is heartbreaking but necessary to ensure that this... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Holmenkollen Chapel

"Amazing building!"
Jul 2, 2016 by withershins
Such a beautiful chapel with carvings inspired from the Viking culture. Nicely rebuilt in 1996 after it was burned down by black metal legends in 1992. If you are into black metal music, this is a... Read More
"A nice copy"
Feb 22, 2016 by Lars H
This chappel is a copy from 1996 of the original build in 1903. The original was set on fire and burned down by arson in1992. Read More
"Gorgeous Chapel"
Jun 21, 2016 by Lynn_Lyon
We attended a wedding at the church and it was stunning from first impression. You see the church atop the hill as you drive up the entrance. Inside the high ceilings and natural light make the... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Football Museum

"(just) a stadion"
Jul 18, 2015 by eldjei
Not much to see, but it was clean and organized. Also went to a game there. It was a bad one, the home-team lost, but the arena was really nice. Hoping to go one more time for a good game. Read More
"Футбольная слава Норвегии"
Aug 31, 2015 by Troghil
Музей находится на стадионе "Уллевал", где играет сборная страны. Нельзя сказать, по правде-то, что это самый впечатляющий футбольный музей мира, все же норвежская сборная не гранд футбола на планете... Read More
Jul 9, 2015 by Madelen O
This stadium is an amazing stadium for a concert. I was at Ullevål Stadion on a One Direction concert at the stadium is very big and you can see want's happening in the senter if you have a place on... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Gol Stave Church

"Fake church"
Jul 28, 2016 by K11NP
This is a newly made COPY of the original Gol stavechurch. There are a lot of ancient and well preserved stave-churches, so there should not be necessary to make copies. Read More
"Reconstructed, entrance fee"
Aug 13, 2016 by pesti13
This church was rebuilt on this location, now behind the gates of Gordarike so you can only visit during opening hours and for a fee. In my opinion there are many other, more beautiful and truly... Read More
"A Must see"
Aug 4, 2016 by Doug M
This is a mist see while touring in Norway This is a very old Church I believe from the 11th Century The way they keep it restored for years to come is the best Make sure you take lots of pic's Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Sagene Church

"Åpen kirke"
Sep 7, 2015 by Ole Andreas H
En åpen kirke i dobbel forstand - fordi døra er åpen og fordi menigheten er en Åpen folkekirke. You will find the Church open most days for a short rest. On tuesdays at 13:00 there is an organ... Read More
May 28, 2016 by Марина У
Очень красивая и богато украшенная готическая церковь. Построена, в 18-19 веках, реконструировалась уже в 20-х г:г: прошлого века. Посмотреть довольно интересно, хотя и добираться далеко. Read More
Jun 23, 2015 by PirateSpace
Church opens at noon for the service and is usually open for visitors during the day until 8pm. There is a coffeehouse next to it and a small park. Easily accessible by the 37 bus from downtown. If... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Freia Sjokoladefabrikk

"Sweet experience"
Oct 7, 2016 by VidarNilsen
Went there for a "surprise-visit" with my office colleagues, and we all loved it! If you are a chocolate lover this is a highly recommendable experience for all ages(must be minimum 10 years old... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Ostre Aker Church

"En utmaning att hitta fakta skylten till minneslunden om du går in från en annan ingång."
Aug 15, 2015 by MPnr1
Jag tog mig till kyrkogården från helsfyr T-bane stasjon och gick över bro över hårt bullrig trafikerad väg men när jag gick in i kyrkogården var det ett behagligt lugn.Hittade en ring av träd och... Read More
"Vakker kirke ved Pilgrimsleden"
Sep 2, 2015 by Akg1710
Vakker kirke sentralt beliggende. Pent beplantet og velstelt kirkegård. Kommer man fra Karl Staffs vei langs Ulvenveien går også Pilgrimsleden her og fortsetter inn forbi kirken, så her går man... Read More
Jul 25, 2015 by Kasra B
Very peaceful looking church with a nice cemetery. The place is very quiet and not packed with people. I didn't get a chance to go inside but it's definitely worth a visit. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


"Utmerket ølsmaking"
Aug 8, 2016 by Ingebabar
Var her med et utdrikningslag for privat ølsmaking. Hadde en kursholder som var meget kunnskapsrik og som svarte på alle spørsmål vi hadde, samtidig som han la opp kurset etter det vi ønsket. Vi fikk... Read More
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