Rakhine State 5 Days Tour

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    Day 1

    Law Ka Nandar Pagoda Oriental Ballooning Ngapali Sittwe Beach Point Ahkyaib-daw River Valley Restaurant Central Market

    Day 2

    Friends Forever - Snorkelling & Boat Trips Mahamuni Buddha Temple Zina Man Aung Pagoda Agroturystyka Nienasycenie 波提西歐套房酒店 Happy Garden Chin Villages

    Day 3

    Chin Villages Htukkanthein Temple Andaw Thein Temple Radana Man Aung Pagoda Mahamuni Buddha Temple Radana Man Aung Pagoda Lawka Man Aung Pagoda Zina Man Aung Pagoda Sakya Man Aung Pagoda Htukkanthein Temple Koe Thaung Temple

    Day 4

    Rakhine State Cultural Museum 聖安東尼奧市場廣場拉金塔酒店 Point Salon Internacional del Grabado y ediciones de arte contemporaneo (Estampa) Viewpoint Min Thu - Traditional Seafood Restaurant

    Day 5

    Best One The Green Umbrella Ma Yin Yin Friends Forever - Snorkelling & Boat Trips Golden Sea Restaurant Ocean Pearl