Despite the launch of Turkmenistan's first communication satellite—TurkmenSat 1—in April 2015, the Turkmen government banned all satellite dishes in Turkmenistan the same month. The statement issued by the government indicated that all existing satellite dishes would have to be removed or destroyed—despite the communications receiving antennas having been legally installed since 1995—in an effort by the government to fully block access of the population to many "hundreds of independent international media outlets which are currently accessible in the country only through satellite dishes, i...

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Parthian Settlement of Nisa

"Worth the trip"
Dec 24, 2015 by Mike T
If you find yourself in Ashgabat, make sure you stop off here. There are documents you can find online to take with you so you can have a version of a guided tour. You can watch actual archeological ... Read More
"Walk into the Past"
Nov 29, 2015 by Don B
Old Nisa was very impressive. Laurens went with us. The ruin is still under excavation but you could walk in and among the walls that have been restored as well as some to the corridors and doorways.... Read More
"Worth a Stop"
Nov 19, 2015 by RPH80
These are a nice, small set of ruins which are a worthy trip from Ashgabat, especially since they are so close to city. The only problem with the ruins is that it is a bit hard to to tell which are g... Read More
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Ashgabat National Museum of History

"Comprehensive museum from stone age to prersent day."
Jun 24, 2016 by VIVPAT
This museum looks more like a palace and is beautifully appointed throughout. Unfortunately it is not air-conditioned so I found it rather stuffy. Historians would be delighted but it is not my... Read More
"Surreal experience, some interesting old artifacts"
Aug 6, 2016 by climber_in_CH
Like so much else in Ashgabat, this is a grand building. Inside we had to exchange our guide for a museum guide for our English tour. She gave short talks in selected areas, they had some very old... Read More
"Comprehensive and interesting archeological section but somewhat frustrating museum seen its very steep price..."
Aug 5, 2016 by incahueca
The National Museum is large and has extended exhibitions and sections. The archeological one is the most visited and interesting one for sure. But if you intend to visit the other parts you will be... Read More
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"Thee symbol of Ashgabat"
Aug 6, 2015 by kindiranian
The architecture and art in this location is really impressive. I couldn't stop taking photos so much that the view was beautiful. Statues and buildings are very gorgeous. Read More
"The Prime monument of Ashgabat"
Nov 7, 2015 by zimof1
This is the [rime monument of Ashgabat. Try be here at the hour and you will see the change of the guards. The side statues are huge and yes more fountains Read More
"Strangeness in Ashgabat."
Jan 26, 2016 by vinnipukh
You can never have enough massive white marble monuments in a city like Ashgabat. This is one of them, where larger-than-life statues of great khans greet you as you approach. Read More
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Gypjak Mosque

"Holy place "
Oct 10, 2015 by Azad S
If U were not here, U were not in Turkmenistan. Regardless of faith, this place worth to see. My own foto attached. Read More
"Pretty Spectacular, Enormous landmark"
Oct 23, 2015 by akostich_11
This is Central Asia's largest mosque, accommodating 10,000 people at once (although I don't think it has ever seen that many people at one time). The day I visited, my guide and I were the only visi... Read More
"Beatiful mosque"
Nov 7, 2015 by zimof1
This mosque is also one the things you have to/will visit in Turkemnenistan. It is a beautiful mosquea and it's well kept just as the surrounding gardens. Read More
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Ertugrul Gazi Mosque

"bigbig mosque"
Dec 15, 2015 by jose g
almost any mosque around world is beautifull, This one also, but something special inside. You will find well when you visit it Read More
"Nothing special "
Sep 16, 2015 by Alex D
It's just a mosque and nothing much to see here. Nice carpets but it was empty when we were there. It was built in the 90s and it looks like it . Read More
"Not stunning - but still a beautiful mosque"
Jul 22, 2015 by ilovecorndogs
This is fairly centrally located so definitely worth a visit with a guide. Very beautiful inside with nice carpets and great ceilings.I am always nervous to go in mosques alone (as a non muslim I fee... Read More
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Ashgabat Train Station

"A station refurbished with Marble."
Jun 12, 2014 by kraor
A station that has been refurbished with Marble on the outside yet otherwise it is located near downtown in a residential part of Ashgabat. Read More
"Good enough for one picture "
Feb 4, 2015 by Shamil V
Take one picture of this old structure while passing by and it will be enough. It's not even close to resembling Grand Central Terminal in NYC or even Kazan Train Station in Moscow. Read More
Sep 28, 2014 by SE s
The train station is redone on a grand scale to show off the gas wealth like other buildings in Ashgabad.When you see this building this is similar to the other building on Ashgabad. Read More
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"Traditional turkmen market"
Jan 23, 2016 by Ирина Ц
My relatives work there and they are Russian-Koreans who sell salads. All travelers visit Tolkuchka to buy souvenirs. Bargaining is suggested as they tend to double or even triple prices when they se... Read More
"Russian Market and Teke Bazaar are real Turkmenistan"
Jul 27, 2015 by Antalyaman
There is no real need to go all of the way out of the city. Inside Ashgabat the Russian Market and the Teke are within walking distance of each other. Both of these give a real flavour of Turkmenista... Read More
"Like a Fair Grounds"
Jan 17, 2016 by Mike T
There are hundreds of different stores all lined up in a Fair Like set up. This is the best place in Ashgabat to go shopping if you have the time. It is on the outside of town. There are plenty of pl... Read More
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Ashgabat hippodrome

"Gambling in Turkmenistan? You betcha!"
Sep 20, 2015 by uspn
The day for this is Sunday during racing season, which is at least in the springtime. Thousands of people gather to watch Akhal-Teke horses competing. Most people seem to be there because they have b... Read More
"Great place to watch horse racing"
May 20, 2015 by nabglow
Horses are much treasured in Turkmenistan and you can tell why if you go to a horse race here. The animals are magnificent and they parade them by the stands before the race starts. The winner is bro... Read More
Oct 19, 2015 by igaresh
Nice place. Many locals gambling there. But many people were sent to fill it up. Clean, well maintained place. Good way to see Ahal Teke horses. Read More
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Turkmen Akhalteke Horse Trekkings

"Ahal Teke Horses"
Apr 25, 2014 by Joe P
If you compare horses like cars, Ahal Teke Horses are Ferraris. You need to be trained horseman to be able to ride them up. Read More
"Рекомендуем место посещение с детьми или парой"
Aug 22, 2015 by Meret O
Отличное место для проведение времени с детьми. Интересные и захватывающие номера для всех поколении. Read More
Dec 2, 2015 by Гульнара Т
Скачки ахалтекинских лошадей в Туркменистане - это одно из великолепных зрелищ. Посетив Туркмению и не попав на скачки считайте что вы ничего не видели. Ахалтекинские скакуны лучшие в мире!!! Read More
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Turkmen Museum of Fine Arts

"Some interesting pieces"
Jan 10, 2016 by GLBonora
The Turkmen Museum of Fine Arts (Türkmenistanyň Şekillendiriş Sungaty Muzeýi), located on the Galkynysh avenue, has about two thousands items on display that include sculpture, paintings, graphics an... Read More
"A museum with different types of art."
May 10, 2015 by Ingeborg56
The museum has a great Collection of paintings from differerent periods, but also some carpets, huge tapestries, silver Collections. Bring small US dollars notes, because the ticket for foreigners ar... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating


"A good stop 30 km from Ashgabat"
Jun 21, 2015 by Marcel55
Geok Tepe is about 30 km on the main road from Ashgabat, near a railway station. The place is known because of a battle in 1880. The Mosque was built to commemorate this battle. It is very nice becau... Read More
"huge and impressive"
Sep 30, 2015 by Walter G
it does not impress as a holy place of worship, but the building is beautiful and you could make nice pictures (from a distance) Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Abiverd Ruins

"Need more than Nissa and Merw? Come to Abiwert!"
Dec 20, 2012 by WilliamL4
The ancient city of Abiwert (Abiverd/Abiwerd) is also known as "Peshtak" (local word for "portal" - in honor of the now-vanished city gates). It dates to the 12th Century AD. Located about 130 km eas... Read More
"A good cultural stop between Ashgabat and Mary"
Jun 20, 2015 by Marcel55
We have visited this site for about one hour. In short: 1. Abiverd is about 125 km, a two hour drive on the main road, from Ashgabat in the direction Mary. 2. You can’t miss it, it’s only 100 meters ... Read More
"Several thousands years of history in one place"
Jan 16, 2016 by Atamurad_Guchgeldi
What makes this place interesting is that you can experience several thousands years of history in one place. The picture shows medieval town of Abiverd, located on the crossroads between Persians, U... Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Hezreti Osman Mosque

"colorful architecture"
Aug 6, 2015 by kindiranian
very magnificent mosque similar to the ones in Turkey, interior architecture is so colorful. We asked the guy who was working in the mosque to bring us some water he kindly did that. Read More
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Seyit Jemaletdin Mosque

"Annau Temple- Seyit Demaletdin Mosques"
Sep 13, 2015 by kraor
This is a site of the once great temples of Seyit Demaletdin Mosque built in 1456 which was damaged to great lengths in the 1948 Earthquake.The Temples are located on a hill just above the prayer mos... Read More
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